Why throb Rajputs' heart for Anandpal?

The most wanted gangster, Anandpal Singh, had had maintained a vulnerability over the police. Now the police are facing the family and supporters' outrage aggression after being killed in encounter. the Anandpal encounter heat is affecting the CM Vasundhara Raje and union home minister, Rajnath Singh.
Anand pal is still a headache to the government after his death. Anand pal is still a headache to the government after his death. The rajput community is on the road for protest and violence for him. More than 50 thousand people are staging orgy on the road. The people who are on the road like him as Robin hood.
Anandpal, the synonym of terror in Rajsthan, is targeting police even after being killed by police. Anandpal had targeted many policemen by his bullets during his life. Now the Rajsthan government is trouble. the leaving the politics emerged as a criminal  now is being well played politics over his death.
That the family has not performed last rites so far is abiding time since last 3 weeks. the body is still in freezers. the politics has intense over Anandpal’s encounter. The family and Rajput are incessantly accusing over the Raje's government for conspiracy and shouting the encounter ‘fake!’
Rajput Karni community has said that first, a conspiracy against Anandpal was hatched; he was gunned down in a fake encounter; now the government is targeting those who have the intention for providing the justice to the family. this face of politics is not the part which is up to Rajput, but the congress has targeted to the Raje’sgovernment.
Congress has said that the government should allow the CBI investigation to prove its innocence.
  • police had gunned down Anandpal between the midnight of 24 th june last months.
  • Anand Pal was tracked on a tip-off given to the police by his henchmen, Gattu alias Devendra.
  • he was arrested with Rupesh alias Vicky, brother of Anand Pal.
  • after receiving the information, policemen besieged Anandpal. he made women's shield to save himself.
  • he had fired the bullets over the policemen more than 100 rounds.
  • in retaliatory action, he was gunned down in police firing eventually and 6 bullets embedded his body.
  • police officer Suryaveer Singh and constable Sohan Singh was injured during encounter.

The theory which narrated police is not believable to Anandpal family, so the family has not performed the funeral of Anandpal so far. Police have the suspicion that many criminals have reached to express their grief for Anandpal killing in encounter, and they are the men activating the violence in the back of condolence.
A gangster after the encounter killing is still under controversies; the kin and his communities’ people are demanding the CBI investigation assuming it a fake encounter.
The communities and the next kin say their suspicion.
When Anand Pal was absconded; even his henchman was somewhere else, how would the police receive information of Anand Pal presence?
As Anand Pal was continue on firing by AK-47 and he had cartridges in his possession, how did the police reached near Anand Pal?
Police story reveals that police, seeing mirror image, had fired over Anand Pal. but how had police managed to target it in the dark night?
How had the police risen up the mirror in the surrounded home amid fierce encounter?
The some big foul play has been suspected over the injured policemen who belong to Anand Pal caste.
How did policemen mere injure despite after the cartridges of AK-47 had pierced in the body?
the state home minister and IG were unaware of the encounter which was carried out more than 4 hours.
the people who have resentment over Anandpal encounter reckon him Robin Hood; while in police record he was so hardcore gangster that the court had to  announce him 6 time absconders. One and half year ago he had escaped from the police detention. Thousands of policemen were searching.
Anandpal, a law graduate, was aware of laws and was able to speak fluent English. He was much handsome when he wore spectacles, bright coat with a hat; and lived as domineering man in the escort of policemen. He had told the accusation were framed over him; conspired by politician.
He had stepped in the crime world after the year 2006 when he was defeated in Panchayat election by 2 votes from his rival Harjeera Burdick’s son,a former state minister.
  • He gunned down Jeevanram Godara in Didwana at Rajasthan in the year 2006.
  • 13 cases except Godara’s murder were registered against Anandpal in Didwana
  • 24 cases of like murder, gang war, dacoity and loot had been registered against Anandpal..
  • Anandpal had been declared absconder by court in 8 case of these.
  • he had worked with Siker’s lady don, Anuradha Chaudhri.
  • Anand Pal had executed Gopal Fogawat murder, Sikar murder case.
  • he had fired in the rush hour at Bhojlai in Sujangarh cross road, which injured 3 person in year 2011.
  • more than 100 miscreants were in the gang of Anandpal.
  • he had escaped from police detention returning from Didwana court appearance on September 3, 2015.
  • Anandpal was endangering 21 high profile people's lives – ministers, MLAs and officers of Rajasthan.

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