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Thursday, August 31, 2017

Retired DIG CBI disclosed: CBI got nod of freehand investigation in Dera Sacha Sauda from Dr Manmohan Singh

By on Thursday, August 31, 2017
The officer who was investigating this case has disclosed a big secret. Dera Sacha Sauda chief, Ram Rahim is in jail; CBI special court has convicted him 20 years imprisonment standing him culprit.
M Narayan, retired DIG CBI, has disclosed that the political pressure was put owing to this case over Manmohan Singh. He said that a few MPs from Haryana and Punjab had tried to influence this case maintaining the pressure over Dr Manmohan Singh, former Prime Minister.
Dr Manmohan Singh was in favour with the CBI in spite of political pressure, M Narayan said, chief investigating officer in Gurmeet case; and CBI got nod of a freehand investigation from Dr Manmohan Singh.
In an interview M Narayan told that after growing political pressure former PM had summoned the then CBI chief Vijay Shankar. He discussed with the CBI on this matter.
According to M Narayan, seeing the statement of victims, Dr Manmohan Singh directed CBI to carry its investigation ahead.
Many higher officers of department including other influential persons had pressurized the CBI to abridge the case.
He had to face many ups and down during 15 years investigation against Ram Rahim, he told. Now Gurmeet is in jail after being convicted in the rape case. He has been sentenced  20 years imprisonment.

Court is stern over violence erupted in Haryana.

After the court decision over Dera Chief Ram Rahim, the  High Court is in tight attitude over the violence erupted . Punjab Government apprised the court that his government had taken over 85 Ashrams and evacuated it. Haryana government told court that his government had evacuated the places of 103 Nam Charcha Ghar. The court queried to Haryana government for knowing about what and how much was the role of government officials in the violence bursting?
    The High Court has ordered many FIRs to be probed by the SIT to investigate for the government's laxity. The Human Rights Issue was also  raised there and the advocates said that the people, alleged rioters, were being targeted by bullets over their faces, chests and heads while they could have been targeted by bullets on their legs to prevent them.

High Court also heard the claimed of compensation by Haryana and Punjab and said to submit the related information details of claim in the court. High Court also asked Haryana police, citing the recent incident, that if the crowd in this way arrives, which action will police take. The High Court  clarified that it had not attached any property of Dera Sachcha Sauda – mere the property related information was asked. The court has said that there was no comment over PM Modi during this hearing.

Joint Director Government Press retires on his superannuation

By on Thursday, August 31, 2017
Left to right Account Officer Sohanlal;Assitant Director, Ajai Kumar; Deputy Director, SC Tyagi; Deputy Director(branch) AK Mishra; Personal Officer, Dheeraj Mangal; Joint Director(retd) BK Sonkar; Deputy Director I/c, RC Srivastava on the occasion of farewell on thursday afternoon Lucknow:Photo by Rakesh Kumar
Fuzzail Ahmad;Lucknow
Mr Binoy Kumar Sonkar, Joint Director, Government Press Aishbagh Lucknow achieving his superannuation this month has retired from his post.
Mr Sonkar handed over his charge to Mr R.C. Srivastava, Deputy Director in charge here this afternoon. 
The officers of the government press gave a farewell to the officer on this occasion. All the Ministerial and Industrial employees also organized the farewell programme.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Eventually CBI arrested Shimla police for custodial death

By on Wednesday, August 30, 2017

The CBI has arrested 8 people including IG and DSP in connection with the famous Kotkhai gang–rape case in Shimla on Tuesday. 
The step was taken in the wake of accused death in police custody. The Himanchal Pradesh High Court had handed over to CBI this case last month to investigate.
 Two FIRs in the whole matter have been registered on 22nd July last month. The arrested people are Mr Jahoor Zaidi, state IG and Manoj Joshi, DSP, including 6 more policemen.
According to CBI, All the arrests are on the ground of suspicion, but the involvement of these persons can be found after the investigation. The case was handed over to CBI by HP High Court when the resentment among the people spread around the state and whose outcry against police for protecting real accused in this case was taken in cognizance.
A girl 16 was gang-raped and brutally murdered in Shimla Kotkhai and her body was disposed off two days later in a jungle. Police had arrested 6 persons in this connection and one of the alleged accused, Suraj Singh, was died in the police custody on 18th July. Police had claimed that death of one accused had caused in a quarrel with the accused Rajendra Singh.
this arrest shows --
-CBI has ensured that some foul play had been done in this case by the police.
-CBI has to know to why police did it?
- If it is exposed, police know where real accused are now.

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Is it blunder of faith or administrative...or political?

By on Sunday, August 27, 2017
The High Court said, the state government is misleading to the court. The administrative and political decisions have big gap. The administrative decisions proved disable because of political decisions. You suspended to DCP mere, whether he is only single person responsible? What do you want to tell us? The high court added to the state home minister (Chief Minister): why did you allow the people’s access (gather) there till 7 days? The Chief Minister is protecting him.
The hierarchy may step down to Manohar Lal Khattar. He is trying to escape anyhow, but this time neither Nagpur, nor Delhi has intended to help him for this failure. The wrath of people had erupted into violence during Jat agitation last time, but the CM, giving clarification of political conspiracy, had saved anyhow his post; and approval of one more chance by Union Government to Khattar had had no damage to centre.
Approval of one more chance had been given by PM Modi, but trio’s annoyance (PM Modi, HM Rajnath Singh, BJP President) have been reported.
The union government is facing this problem that it is too in the wrap of this mistake. That to say mere Khattar is responsible is just correct this much that the Delhi and the Nagpur will consider better in taking decision according to conditions prevailed after the court verdict on 25th August, which Mr Khattar had not taken under outside pressure.
Police were intending to evacuate the supporters by using force before reaching of Ram Rahim in Panchkula, but the CM office was reluctant to use the force. Not only the decision was in the public interest, but by the use of force might have erupt the violence before the court verdict; and the public anger might have intensified more to damage after verdict.
The intelligence had given input already that the supporters of Gurmit Ram Rahim are not blank hand; they had — Lathis and Bhala including other country made weaponries. It had requested to close all the roads that go to Panchkula and the entry should be banned. Khattar Sahab mistook here that, if the intelligence input was there within time, the proper police action to handle supporters should have been begun; although he did nothing. Anyway till Khattar could reckon it, 30 people were killed, 100 other injured and the million worth government property gutted in fire.

The politics and the administration have always rolled downward its big blunder ball. Let’s see who will be punished with this untoward result to stop the chapter here; but the matter is in court cognizance, so the court may tender a commission for this laxity.

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Preacher is now in jail for rape case; violence continues in state

By on Saturday, August 26, 2017

It was feared but when it happen, it stunned the state and its police. At least 28 people were killed and over 250 others injured after followers of Dera Sachcha Sauda chief Gurmit Ram Rahim Singh went on the rampage for around three hours on Friday this week.
Ram Rahim, Dera Sachcha Sauda Chief in Sadhvi’s rape case was convicted and has been sent to the jail in Panchkula. Sirsa where, seeing the deteriorating situation, the curfew has been clamped. 
The overcrowded presence in thousands owing to the decision was seen in Panchkula. The court was sealed; none could go out; or none could enter into court campus till the verdict process. Mobile phone and internet services were stopped.
Amid the court decision to be awarded a video was released. Gurmit Ram Rahim has appealed to his supporters to maintain peace. In spite of this the supporters were there, and were not moving from Panchkula.
After the threatening of Dera’s supporters, High Court, hearing a petition, said a sensorious remark to the state and Union Government. 
The court said to Ram Rahim lawyer, “Dera’s supporters must be removed from Panchkula.” The police and security forces began to expel the supporters. The supporters have been ordered to leave Panchkula immediately.

A Sadhvi, disciple of Ram Rahim, had sent a complaint to Punjab High Court and then Prime Minister Atal Bihari Bajpai. Sadhvi had alleged sexual exploitation over Ram Rahim in her complaint. 
The matter was unearthed by an anonymous letter sent to then Prime Minister and Punjab High Court. The letter was written on 13th May 2002.
The letter referred about the whole story of her sexual exploitation done by Guru Ram Rahim in Dera Sachcha Sauda in Sirsa.
In her letter addressed to PM and to Punjab High Court she wrote: I’m resident of Punjab and have been working for the past 5 years as Sadhvi(Nuns) for Dera Sacha Sauda(Haryana, Dhan Dhan Waheguru Tera Hi Aasra). Hundreds of girls work for 16 to 18 hours in Dera.
We are being sexually exploited. I’m graduate. My family members whose impetus brought me here to be a hermit are filled with blind obedience of Maharaj.
Two years after the consecration of Sadhu, Maharaj’s close lady told me one day night at 10 ‘O’ Clock that Maharaj had called me in his cave (living place of Maharaj).
Since I was there first time, I was very happy knowing it, “The God have called me today.”
Maharaj was on the bed as I saw going there in cave; a remote was in his hand; a porn movie was on TV screen; revolver was laid on the bed up side.
I surprised seeing all it…land slipped down my foot. What was happening there? Maharaj was so in a gesture, I hadn’t thought in my dream. Mahraj shut down TV and sat beside he had me watered and said, “I have called you understanding my close love.” I was surprised seeing it all… land slipped down my foot.
It was my first chance. Maharaj said hugging me in his arms, “I love you with my soul. I want to love you because you had sworn to bestow yours all ‘Tan Man Dhan’(body, inner soul, money) at the hour of being consecrated of Sadhu with us, so this 'Tan Man'(body, inner soul) are mine.”
On my protest he said, “No doubt, I am the lord.” As I queried whether it is a work of god? He said: "It was lord Krishn who had 360 women followers whom he used to play romance every night. Nowadays all assume him lord." So it is not a new trend. I can shoot you by this revolver to kill, and can perform yours last rites. Your every family member who are in my dragnet believes on us. They cannot go out of my grip --You know very well.
I have high access in government. The Ministers of Haryana, Punjab and Union Minister touch my toe.
The leaders accept my support; my money and they will never be against us. I will get your family members dismissed from service. Every members of your family will be killed, and there will not be left any evidence. 
You know well that I had killed Dera's manager who is still disappear, and had left there no evidence. I will buy the politics, the police and the justice by money. He raped me, and since past 3 months I have been raped 20 to 30 times in a month.
We are disciplined by wearing white attire and have to put scarf over head; we cannot gaze by eyes to any men; and have to maintain distance 10 foots away from men—all these were guide lines of Maharaj.
We are looked like goddess; our position are like  a prostitute. Once we told my family, “All in Dera are not well.”, My family in anger began to say, “If there is no better near god, where is better? Your mind is in trap of bad thinking. Sing a glory song of Satguru." 
I am enforced to follow the order of Satguru. No two girls can talk mutually; they cannot talk to their homes by phone.
Recently many Sadhu girls have thrashed her jointly when a Sadhu girl of Bhatinda exposed malpractices of Maharaj.
A girl who is in her home at Kurukshetra has told everything to the family what had she faced there? His brother was senior Sewadar. Who, giving up Dera, broke up his relation with Dera.
A girl who, arrived back home, told everything of malpractices in Dera to her neighbor; consequently Sewadar goons reached to the girl home at Sangroor district with the weapons, and threatened her inside her home.
  1. May 2002: the responsibility to confirm the complaint letter was assigned to Sirsa session judge.
  2. December 2002: the complaint was found correct, a case was registered against Ram Rahim under section 376, 506 and 509.
  3. December 2003: the investigation of case was handed over to CBI. The investigating officer, Satish Dagar, began investigation of case and fished out the complainant Sadhvi during the year 2005-2006.
  4. July 2007: CBI completed the investigation of case and filed chargesheet in Ambala CBI court. The case was transferred to Panchkula from Ambala. According to chargesheet, many more Sadhvis were sexually exploited during the years 1999 to 2001, but they could not be traced.
  5. August 2008: the trial of the case began and the charges were framed over Dera chief.
  6. During the years 2011 to 2016: the trial of the case was carried out in the court. the lawyers were arguing continuously in the favour of Dera Chief Ram Rahim.
  7. July 2016:  15 prosecution and 37 defence witnesses were crossed into the witness box during the case trial.
  8. June 2017: The court banned Dera head’s visit to abroad.
  9. 25th July 2017: the CBI court ordered to hear this case every day so that the decision could be delivered.
  10. 17th August 2017: the date 25th August was scheduled to announce the decision after the completion of argument of both sides.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Triple Talaq System banned in India

By on Wednesday, August 23, 2017

None Muslim men will be able to divorce by saying 'Talaq... talaq...talaq' since Tuesday after the Supreme Court verdict came over 'Triple Talaq' case filed by Muslim women in India. Supreme Court giving its verdict by its historical decision  has ended Talaq-e-Biddat.
Three of the five Judges constitutional bench have given this decision; while remaining two judges, saying to Union Government to formulate a law for the purpose, stayed over 'Triple Talaq' till then.
the apex court has dubbed this culture unacceptable, illegal and unconstitutional. the constitutional bench gave its verdict by 3:2 majority. Triple Talaq is against the vested gist in Quran, according to the verdict.
JS Khehar CJI and S Abdul Nazir CJI were in the favour to stay over 'Triple Talaq' for next 3 months and were in tenet that 
 The government would constitute a law for this purpose. the two judges have said in the verdict (short majority) that, if the union government fails to bring a law for the purpose within the 6 months, the stay order will continue.
  Kurian Josef J.,  RF Nariman J., and  UU Lalit J., three(majority) of the five judges bench, dubbed it -- this culture is violation of constitution. the verdict says:every such culture which is against the gist of quran is unacceptable.
all these three judges have said in their verdict that the talaq giving by the culture of ‘Triple Talaq’ is evidently selfishness. it is violation of constitution and this should be removed.
it is noticeable that the 5 judges bench was hearing this case. The  hearing was continue since past 6 days in the Apex court. The union government had file its affidavit in the court and had clarified it that it did not accept the culture of 'Triple Talaq'; and is not in the favour to continue it in future.
 It is noticeable that the 5 judges bench was hearing this case. The  hearing was continue since past 6 days in the Apex court. The union government had file its affidavit in the court and had clarified it that it did not accept the culture of 'Triple Talaq'; and is not in the favour to continue it in future
At the time of hearing, Attorney General Mukul Rohatgi, saying a painful culture to 'Triple Talaq system', had requested to Court to take step as a Guardian of Fundamental Rights.
the hearing in this case began after an appeal filed by Sayra Bano, Afrin Rahman, Gulshan Parveen, Ishrat Zahan and Atiya Sabri. all have filed the writ petition on the issue of Triple Talaq, Nikah Halala, and Bahu Vivah, but the court had said it would give its verdict mere over Triple Talaq.
Additional Solicitor General, Tushar Mehta, has contended side of Union Government in the SC.
All India Muslim Personal Law Board is respondent in this case. Senior Lawyer Kapil Sibal argued on behalf of respondent.
On behalf of All India Muslim Law Board, Kapil Sibal,defendent counsel,  has said: Triple Talaq system has been running since 1400 years. If birth of Ram in Ayodhya is the issue of faith, why not Triple Talaq then.
        On 15th August this month, PM Modi in his speech from Red Fort had said,  “The women are facing much predicament because of Triple Talaq system; because of sufferer sisters of this divorce system have stood a protest campaign; Media helped them.” I welcome all the sisters who have carried out a protest campaign against this system; whole Country will help them.
Triple Talaq system has been banned exactly after the decision of Court came: it means from tuesday if a muslim Man says ‘Talaq...talaq...talaq’: it won't be recognised.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

O Panneerselvam stems up; Dinakaran and EPS followed path of AMMA

By on Saturday, August 19, 2017
Azahar Khan;Chennai
Two big steps have been taken by EK Palanisamy CM of Tamil Nadu this Wednesday. He ordered the investigation of J Jayalalitha death cause.
According to the decision, a retired Judge of Madras High Court will probe this case. Jayalalitha's official residence at PS Garden has been declared a monument.
 A meeting in the chairmanship of Palanisamy at AIADMK headquarter in Chennai was held on Wednesday last week.
 The resolution was passed unanimously against the party by laws which had appointed TTV Dinakaran as Deputy General Secretary.
Even the appointment of Sasikala as General Secretary in the party has been dubbed as ‘temporary arrangement’.
It is clear that Palanisamy carefully is following path of former deputy chief minister O Panneerselvam.
The careful means here that Palanisamy trio decisions within 10 days is originally a follow up of OPS and his supporters.
But Palanisamy has not yet accepted the big demand of this groups: that is the absolute ouster of Sasikala, Dinakaran and their family from AIADMK.
However in spite of this it is assumed that the supporters of OPS and EPS will join-hand. The indication is reaching from both sides.
M Thambidurai, leader AIADMK and parliamentary vice president and well intimate supporters of EPS said to NDTV on Friday, “The chief minister has satiated all wishes of supporters.”
I hope that brother OPS will join us and we will work together in future. On the other hand, OPS supporter MF Pandiyarajan reacting over the CM’s decisions, “The hurdles of path before every group have been removed.” The reports says that the decision of merger can be taken.
This is a perfect situation between both the groups when there can be discussion over the prevailing situations after this merger.
Who will be benefited and how much will be after this merger is to be seen; although there are three sides with the duology – EPS, OPS and Dinakaran!
The benefits or the lose whatever is going about to happen now to this merger will affect to these trio very much, so it entail us to talk about these persons.

Panneerselvam when he revolted in February this year, Palanisamy was understood very close leader to Sasikala. So Sasikala, before going jail in the case of properties more than income, had handed over the CM post to EPS.
But OPS had taken risk of revolt against Sasikala exactly owing to the political missions; namely,  the recent situation is identical to ‘smoking cigarette, legs hang into gasoline’. The party name and election symbol both has been proscribed by the election commission.
 In case, without obtaining the both, they came in fray, they will not be able to achieve such the public support; as that they can be supported on the party name and symbol.
The state government has to visit centre to run the government although the centre is helping them, but merely on this condition that they will make distance with Sasikala and Dinakaran group. Perhaps! this is the cause to take such chance. But it will keep on tormenting them. Because Sasikala and Dinakaran supporters in party are still in count so that they can fall the EPS government.
On the other hand, OPS has no so many of MLAs that they can help in the tough condition.
After taking charge of CM post in February to August, Palanisamy did not commented against Sasikala and Dinakaran. but suddenly he is looked as their rebel. Why? The reply on Friday was seen in publish with selected points on the New Indian Express.
Dinakaran after being appointed as party DyGS did, in hurry, his first mistake when he came in fray from RK Nagar constituency in Assembly by poll.
Late-Jayalalithaa’s constituency voters were tried to obtain support by influencing them by money. in the wake of this the election was cancelled.
Second mistake he did when he tried to bribe election commission, so that he can obtain the party symbol.
He had to go jail for this misconduct. When he was released from jail, he appointed 60 office bearers of party in the beginning of this month without having discussion with the CM.
It was enough to EPS. TTV’s such mistake boost up EPS to send message among party that Dinakaran is interested to capture the power and organization.
The effect of EPS’s effort was seen. Dinakaran who was claiming of 40 -50 MLAs' support was seen supporting by presence of 23 MLAs during a rally held at Mellor Madurai on 14th August.
Dinakaran is now enemy of his own friends because of his own mistake. If Dinakaran try to withdraw support to fall the government by intending to teach a lesson to duo after this merger of EPS and OPS, he will be in big loses.
OPS has acquainted his prudence and maturity after revolting since February so far and has been adamant on his demand. So far as he was not in clemency after PM Modi’s convincing; consequently the CM has accepted OPS’s trio demands. Certainly the benefits of these will go to OPS. This will grow his public support. Because the supporters who are with AIADMK in Tamilnadu are of Jailalitha’s originally, so the sympathy will support to OPS.
The merger’s conditions are said that the two options have been proposed from EPS group are to run party as Dy CM first as seven members chief of committee and to join the government on the second. However the report says that he, as the chief of party running committee including Dy CM post, PWD and Finance like big responsibility are being given. OPS is well in maintaining his pressure.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Social heroes living in obscurity are to be recognized:PM Modi

By on Thursday, August 17, 2017
Related image
Announcing in an organized programme by NITI Ayog at Non-resident Indian Centre, PM Modi has said that anybody can recommend name for Padm Award online. Our motive is to make new India, but every citizen can contribute to bring a change and make prosper India.
Addressing to Young CEO and start ups, Modi targeted the past government and said that how Padm awards were felicitated, you know. Announcing he has said that a little change we have brought. Anybody can recommend to anybody for Padm award. Now the social heroes living in obscurity are to be recognized.
On the issue of employment, PM Modi said that a big employment is among brokers of this country; and those who are in this profession; they have to see their employment. Now many things such are going to be closed, these people are uproaring more today.
PM has said that the brokers are stayed away from this government and because of it they are unhappy. it is ill-fate that the corruption has been institutionalized. Now the time has its change and the brokers’ time has been ended.
Modi has said that to whom I am seeing all are young, and the senior people are the policy makers of government. I am desired to work together the young and the seniors for new India. Every citizen can contribute for country and I want to enhance more it for the development.

He added that innovation is life… in absentia of innovation there will be inertia.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Independence day celebrates

By on Tuesday, August 15, 2017
Celebration of I-Day in Kashmir(India)
The 71th Independence Day in India is being celebrated. The Tricolors National Flag hoisted in the many states from Kashmir to Kanyakumari. In spite of high security, Independence Day was celebrated in Kashmir. The chief minister of Kashmir Mehbooba Mufti participated in the organized Independence Day celebration ceremony and hoisted national flag. PM Narendra Modi, delivered a big message on this occasion from Lalkilla. He said that the solution of Kashmir is not by the abusing or by bullets (Gali or Goli), but it can be solved by embracing Kashmiris.

PM Modi said that there shall be no clemency with the terrorism. he added that a fistful of separatists are creating destructive the atmosphere. Mehbooba Mufti gave another statement over the constitutional article 35A. She said, she is hopeful with Supreme Court. a few outsiders of valley are hatching conspiracy to remove the article 35A. In facts, the removal of article 35 A of the constitution, which gives a special status to J&K, is being demanded. A writ petition in Supreme Court has been filed for this purpose. Mehbooba Mufti said, “She hopes that SC will dismiss it like other cases.”
Neha Tripathi, wife of martyr captain Pramod Kumar, reached to Kashmir on the occasion of Independence Day in remembrance of her hubby’s sacrifice. Neha Tripathi, with her daughter, participated in the programme of Independence Day celebration at 49th battalion CRPF at Karannagar. Commandant Pramod Kumar was martyred in a terrorist attack on 15th August 2016.
She wanted to commemorate the day on that land where her hubby gave up his life for the country.
The separatist leader, Mirwaiz Umar Farook, praised the PM Modi’s statement ‘Goli and Gali’ and he has said that Modi’s statement is welcomed. Mirwaiz Umar Farook said, “if Goli and Gali (Bullets and Abusing) is replaced by humanity, the peaceful Kashmir’s dream can change in reality.”
The PDP and BJP government has belied the preparing of Tricolour journey which was to go on Srinagar by the BJP activists. The youth wing vice president, Azaz Hussain, including many activists, has been taken in custody on Monday night this week. However National Conference chairman, Umar Abdullah, said it ‘fix match’.

The call for Bandh by separatist leaders created 'curfew like situation' in many part of Kashmir. Many markets at Sopia and Srinagar were remained close. The local administration and the army deployed high security in the wake of terror attack. The check posts were on way stationed at many places. The programme spot, Bakhshi Stadium, was laid siege by huge security forces. Other mobile services, except the BSNL, in the wake of security had been stopped. The internet services also remained close. The administration was alert taking security measures initially.
The people in PoK voiced up once again. The chairmen of JKLF women wing, Taheera Taqueer said in Mandhol public meeting on Monday,  "you cannot get respect till yours slavery. You shall enjoy the respect just then if you can banish Pakistanis from here."
Tahira Tauqeer has spoken vitriolicly over the Prime Minister of PoK. She said that Imran khan abused you. Now you are again going to lick his mud. The PAK media claims, “PAK Army is with us (with PoK people).’
Kashmir can be the heirs of every Kashmiri; but it cannot be the assets of Pakistani people.  Let they may try whatever, Kashmir cannot be theirs. Tahira has said that which country we have to choose is to be decided by us.
Even not so, Tahira has said to oust Pakistani from Pok. Kashmir is not the legacy of these Pakistanis. Kashmiris are well here and these have to go from here.
Tahira Tauqueer lashed-out over Pak Army she said, “It is in the notice of Pak history that its army has been dragged by locals in the lane of Pak. She warned them let the Pak army do not force us; do not torment us, otherwise we will drag them like as their people – ever in Fata; ever in Baluchistan; and ever in KpK— have ever been dragging them on road.

Monday, August 14, 2017

State Government suspended BRD principal for duty lapse; opposition outcry it is serious failing of state government

By on Monday, August 14, 2017

The Medical Education Minister, Ashutosh Tandon, said that the pending payment of Oxygen supplying company has been granted on 5th of August and the amount has been transferred to the medical college account, but it is more surprising that the amount was not paid to the company till 11th August.
Dr Rajiv Mishra’s suspension is running on Uttar Pradesh  Government website portal. The Minister’s statement that the payment had been done to the medical college is surprising that no such government order has been issued and uploaded for the purpose of payment for the company. The Government Order which was claimed to have been issued for payment has been addressed to the Director General Health on 5th August, while its copy has been endorsed to the principal BRD Medical college.
The process of payment is: first the budget uploading is done by the DDO to the District Treasury and then amount is withdrawn from account head by applying on Treasury bill. After the bill passed by Chief Treasury Officer, the amount is transferred to the beneficiary.

The death toll rises in Gorakhpur tragedy; principal of medical college is a scapegoat of government wrath. So far the services here were normal before the tragedy; the ultimate responsibility of paying the sent amount is charged over the principal.
Questions are here:
  • Which medical colleges were allocated fund and how much? The amount of the government grant on August 5th should be clarified?
  • Why a huge amount granted to the institution was not allocated in the different heads simutaneously till 5th August?
  • Whether the amounts allocated were uploaded in the Gorakhpur Treasury from where the amount was to be transfer through billing in the account of firm till August 5th or later?
  • If the fund in the head was not allocated, who will decide it?
  • The date when was the allocation of fund decided to the heads?

Akhilesh Yadav, ex-CM, expressed his grief over the tragedy and targeted the Yogi government. He said the system failure killed the children and its ultimate responsibility is gone over the state government. The removal of principal is false steps of government.
Sakshi Maharaj is well known for his controversial statement , but he said on BRD tragedy in Gorakhpur , “ The deaths of innocent children are not normal incident; one or two are count as normal… but not so many… it’s a massacre."
Mayawati taunted over PM Modi over the deaths tragedy of children in Gorakhpur. She said, “ The state people is feeling boredom while hearing the preach ‘the accused shall not be spared’ and ‘the criminals shall not be spared’ because after such announcement neither the stern action has been taken against the accused; nor the shameful, sadful criminal incident in the state are in controlled. The state government's responsibility is being pushed over the principal who is scapegoat of state government. She criticised the statement of Sidharth Nath Singh ‘many children die in the month of August.’

Ghulam Nabi Azad said the death tragedy of children in BRD, “It is a serious failing of state government.” The senior leader of congress, Ghulam Nabi Azad, visited the hospital and met the kin and patients and asked about the treatment and their condition. This ill-fate incident is the serious failing of state government and we stand  the state government  responsible. The health ministers and the secretary(health) must resign. the doctors are not responsible for the tragedy.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Outstanding payment of 'Oxygen Supplying Firm' delayed; yet oxygen is available in medical college: supplier claimed

By on Sunday, August 13, 2017
Oxygen shortage killed 63 children in Gorakhpur Medical College

 Last six days of eastern UP faced wrath of firm supply … 63 children in the shortage of oxygen have died in Gorakhpur which is a strong hold area of Yogi AdityaNath Chief Minister Uttar Pradesh a Northern Province of India. The patients (children) are being carried in government hospitals where the oxygen supply has been interrupted because the supplier company was not paid its outstanding dues. Parents and kin of the children who rushed to hospital for the treatment of their close one and loving babes are returning with the dead body and weeping bitterly.
Taking action over Pushpa Sales Private Limited police is raiding many possessions of firm owner. The owner is absconding. Hospital administration is under trap of this serious failing after the incident… and facing ebb of public outcries.
Why was not hospital administration alert in spite of suppliers warning to stop Oxygen supply?
Why was the supplier not blacklisted and why were the needful steps not taken if it stopped the supply?
What steps had the local administration taken when the hospital Oxygen supply was endangering public life under the dispute?
Whether the State Health Ministry has any onus over to maintain the essential services or not?
Two days ago of incident Yogi, the CM, visited the hospital why not the children’ death and  Oxygen status both were reported to the CM while the death toll had begun to rise from August 7th.
The tight-lip CM,Yogi, has now broken his silence over the blaming of opposition for his government, and said that the deaths of 63 children because of Oxygen shortage is a heinous matter and the accused shall not be spared from punishment.
He added that the PM has expressed his grief over the tragedy and assured the state government to provide all the assistance which are the needful.  Central Health Minister, JP Nadda and Anupriya Patel both are in Gorakhpur to watch the situation on the behest of PM Modi.
“As the message I received, immediately I sent the ministers to inspect and said ‘the position to be clear, so collect all the information in this matter’”, he said. He added that we have to find three facts and to investigate it, I have ordered. Whether the deaths occurred because of Oxygen shortage? And what is the stat of death? Third, the persons who are responsible for this delinquency?
The CM said, the government expresses deep condolence  to the victims' family. A magisterial inquiry has been ordered and the report has been handed over to government.
He said the chief secretary is going to investigate the role of supplier. If the real facts of incident will be taken in record, that will be better for humanity. if the Oxygen shortage is the cause to the deaths, it is heinous. Health Education Minister was also with me on visit of 9th August.
The chief minister said that the BJP government as took charge, I  ordered that there must not be any emergency services failed. Gorakhpur incident is very sensitive matter. We will keep on fighting with incellefitis.
Yogi said that the principal of medical college after my visit had gone without information, so I removed him prima facie. Not only the children of Gorakhpur are rushed there, but the patients of adjoining areas are also taken there.
Anupriya Patel, taking the mike, has told whatever has happened in the BRD medical college has shaken us. We are here on the behest of PM Modi. The Union Government is ready to provide every help.
Mr Manish Bhandari , The UP dealer of Pushpa Sales which  supplies Oxygen, said, “The deaths are not because of Oxygen cylinder shortage, but it  may have happened  during the change of Oxygen cylinder. He added that the 100 of letters for the outstanding payment have been written to the principal secretary to UP government.
He told to Dainik Bhaskar, “It is a false statement that the deaths which had occurred are because of Oxygen shortage. The deaths occurred not because of required cylinder for Oxygen, but may be that the deaths occurred after lapse at the time of changing Oxygen cylinder. The principal is the accused of this incident.”
Rs 83 lacs were to be paid us from medical college; mere Rs 22 lacs of the outstanding amount have been paid so far. The BRD principal has said: 40 lacs more amounts shall be paid tomorrow. Hospital was not paying our outstanding amount; the premonition had been given to stop supply 20 days ago.”
Bhandari claimed, “The copy of every letter has been given to DM, but it was futile.” he ordered to college principal to pay the amount. After the DM order as the medical college gave in writing, the letter was forwarded to INOCS (Oxygen Supplying Company Rajsthan). Immediately a truck of liquid Oxygen was dispatched from there.

he said, “ We are in contract since last 3 years, but the payment was never delayed before it. The principal is the accused in this case. He was delaying the payment. I don’t know which type of pressure he is bearing. He added that this condition is at when we have served legal notice.” He also told that the medical college has enough Oxygen cylinders in the department, so the alternative services of Oxygen are available.”

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Patriotism Trapped under Zindabad, Murdabad

By on Thursday, August 10, 2017

That revoking the treason case over the 15 boys from district Burhanpur and charging them under communal harmony case shows that this incident vests many grave political meanings.
Division and post independence of Hindustan, Hindutva continuously has been campaigning propaganda that minority of this country have the sympathy and dedication with Pakistan.
RSS family has been working since beginning on the strategy of Goebbels that, if a lie is repeated hundred times, the public assume it true. RSS has used this experiment cleverly during India Vs Pakistan cricket match recently.
The incident of Mohad, a village of Madhya Pradesh, differs on this issue that the state itself is authenticating this logic of Hindutava that the minority of this country have the sympathy with Pakistan.
This incident unearths how much hurry is for telling the minority of Indian state are anti-national?
To say minority an anti-national, before the incident of Mohad, was involved in the case of terrorism, but it is a first chance when the state, by pretending the cricket, is telling the minority an anti-national.
The hatched conspiracy of Hindutva has been exposed.
In another incident, Sri Ram Sena activists, near Bijapur of K’taka, were arrested by the police in the case of Pakistani flag waving
In the first stage, Sri Ram Sena’s activists hoisted Pakistani flag and next day of incident, they staged Dharna in protest against the administration for not being arrested the accused.
 As the police arrested indulged 6 activists of Sri Ram Sena in this case, the chief of this organization, Pramod Mutaliq, stated that their activists had no hands in this incident, but the RSS men were involved in this conspiracy.
Such incidents in the past few years have occurred in which those boys were also targeted, who were students and came from Kashmir. The allegation of shouting pro- Pakistani slogans during India-Pak match on Feb 23, 2014, 67 Kashmiri students were suspended in Swami Vivekanand Subharti University Meerut and then the anti-national case was registered against them.
However the case of treason was revoked in the lack of evidence. These students’ rooms were targeted by stones pelting. Many of them left the college and returned back to Kashmir after some time.
Exactly after, the students came from Kashmir to study at Sharda University were also ousted from the hostel. Many such incidents in Haryana during India Vs Pakistan match have happened that the organized Hindutva attacked over Kashmiri students.
Actually adding Kashmiri people’s faith in reference to Pakistan is not tough task to Hindutava, but Hindutavas this strategy in the past few years has enhanced, apart from Kashmir, in other parts of country.
The communal violence was executed on October 12, 2016 in Piro under district Bhojpur Bihar. The flagellating crowds of minority who were carrying Tazia were targeted by ‘stones pelting’ which was authenticated by arguing of ‘shouting pro-Pakistani slogans.’
Many shops of minority community in this violence were set ablaze; gutted in the fire; many people were injured. (For more detail visit: janrajniti.com)
Three teenage boys like Mohad had been arrested in the crime of shouting pro-Pakistani slogans during final match of champions trophy in Mussoorie in Uttra Khand on June 20, 2017.
Actually the boys were arrested on the statement filed in police station by 'Hindutava organization'.
Exactly in the similar statement 3 boys were arrested in village Khamaria in district Ujjain. The experiment of Hindutava is not staying in the Hindi colloquial state, but the application of this phenomenon has been used at all India level. The arrests had been made during Champions Trophy match in the states where no BJP government exists. Namely, 4 boys of village Hosakote of Kodagu in South K’taka; 3 by Kurg police; 23 by Badiya Dukka in Kerala; and 20 people Chakkudal Kumbadaje near Kasargod in Kerala – all were arrested.
Ironically, all the arrests had been done under the pressure of Hindutavwadi organization.
The case of alleged persons was registered in the concerning police station and staged Dharna routinely for being arrested these people.
Now it is not necessary for Hindutva that such conspiracy shall be mere hatched where its government exists. So we shall have to examine earnestly the shibboleth of Hindutva and the BJP. The roots of communalism has deepen so in the majority society that even a secular government shall have to bend before the Hindutava or the secularism of a secular government can be seen as a weak faith.
The 15 minority men    are arrested by Burhanpur police – next day statement by advocates (nationalist) in the court premises that none will represent the case of anti-nationals; shouting slogans by 'Hindutavwadi organizations' outside the court; and like every chance, the strategy of this time stands those 15 peoples in the detention box by the media for which the incident had been scripted already.
Hindutava which handed over the task to its agenda, the impersonating actors of the story performed their roles accordingly.
Government, police, media, Hindutavwadi organization, activists in the court– all the organized Hindutava, having directives, were marching step by step and the success was at the door step, but a man, name Subhash Koli, belied all the strategy of this group.
The conspiracy which was hatched at Mohad village; openly there has no Hindutva organization that was indulged in this matter, but it was police who led and abetted the conspiracy here. Hindutvawadi police filed the name of the person who was the witness and eyewitness of the incident; he (Subhash Koli) raised questions -- and it was over the baked story of police! The police was to face much humiliation, before it TI Sanjay Pathak, chief conspirator of police story, had been transferred.
The senior officer in Burhanpur said about the transfer of TI Pathak that he was not transferred for the incident of Mohad, but it was done in the wake of other matter. The story published in ‘scroll.in’ the higher official has said that TI Sanjay Pathak was not punished for fabricating a fake case, but for his failure in choosing perfect complainer.
Police had to bear much humiliation for his minor mistake. TI Sanjay Pathak’s role in this whole incident was then  become more doubtful when one of the detained 15 boys in police station said that the local BJP MLA of Mohad had paid a tidy sum of 3 or 4 packs of Rs 2000 notes to Pathak.
The news of this reference was published in Hindi daily news paper. It was also said in news report: because Pathak has link with, and access to, the big leaders of RSS, so the higher official of police are evading to speak against Pathak.
The whole incident was not hidden after the appearance of Subhash Koli.
And the mere opposition or Congress had absolute clear field. As we tried to know about it with the alleged leader of the society (especially Minority) to know the Congress or opposition role after this incident, they told that the congress is upholding from back. Congress’s supporting from back door means that the secular party how vulnerable is from it that the majority community could be aware of this open support.  If the majority could be able to know that the congress is supporting Minority, the majority vote-bank can shift from the congress party.
It is interesting a lot so because a national secular party is secretly saving the secularism; while the communal forces are showing openly its orgy. The sad side of the whole incident is this: the minority society is agreed upon consensously if they or congress raised this incident (Mohad), the BJP would be benefited because of it can easily then target to the opposition on the basis of communalism. This general concept looks countrywide at large. The secular politics of country have stemmed up an agreement among the Minority that if your problems are raised, this will benefit to BJP.
This can be seen in the incident of mob lynching cases.
So the Minority of this country have no other option in addition to believe on the fate of this system.
The minority community, over the politics for this incident, has been limited to the remedy of rights upto mere filing PIL in court or mere handing over the memorandum.
15 boys(from minority) which way they were arrested was nothing but the police had barged into the village to attack over minority. The police brought them to the police station by dragging and beating them. Many boys, without quizzing their names, were lifted by police recognizing by their caps and beard.
They faced more brutality in police station – they were beaten again. The police used abusive language with the aggrieved: “your community will be finished; BPL card will be banned; while eating the cereal of Rs. 1/kg, you got much enjoyment; Pakistani men had come to sleep with yours mothers.”
This language not only exposes the communal character of police; but also, the hate among them against the benefited community by state welfare.
All that public rights which ever or seldom, and after a much efforts, had been achieved by the people of the country, now they all have been agonizing to the middle class. Exactly the discussion was in limelight when the alleged anti-national slogans were shouted in JNU. A group of media had carried the same discussion that the welfare projects of government are carried out by the middle class taxes, and that money runs the universities where the studying students conduct the anti-national activities; so the institutions should be closed.
Neo-liberalization in last 3 decades has prepared such a generation which have not only an abhorrence to the state welfare concept but do hate very much to the deprived group to be benefited from these projects. Mohad incident is mere a part of communal violence which have happened with the minority in countrywide so far. Just the difference is that the Hindutva had to be here defensive, and that is because of mere Subhash Koli. The real hero of Mohad incident is Subhash Koli. If Subhash would have not exposed the conspiracy of police, Hindutva had successfully completed its task; and the futures of those 15 boys were on the verge of collapse. He, despite after being threatened, was stand in the favour of those 15 boys.
It looks such rare example nowadays. The incident is an example that if a-majority-community-man is stand against the communal conspiracy with honesty and dedication in reference of any incident, this may be much difficult for the Hindutava.

                 Shubhash Koli Ko… Saaalam