Is it blunder of faith or administrative...or political?

The High Court said, the state government is misleading to the court. The administrative and political decisions have big gap. The administrative decisions proved disable because of political decisions. You suspended to DCP mere, whether he is only single person responsible? What do you want to tell us? The high court added to the state home minister (Chief Minister): why did you allow the people’s access (gather) there till 7 days? The Chief Minister is protecting him.
The hierarchy may step down to Manohar Lal Khattar. He is trying to escape anyhow, but this time neither Nagpur, nor Delhi has intended to help him for this failure. The wrath of people had erupted into violence during Jat agitation last time, but the CM, giving clarification of political conspiracy, had saved anyhow his post; and approval of one more chance by Union Government to Khattar had had no damage to centre.
Approval of one more chance had been given by PM Modi, but trio’s annoyance (PM Modi, HM Rajnath Singh, BJP President) have been reported.
The union government is facing this problem that it is too in the wrap of this mistake. That to say mere Khattar is responsible is just correct this much that the Delhi and the Nagpur will consider better in taking decision according to conditions prevailed after the court verdict on 25th August, which Mr Khattar had not taken under outside pressure.
Police were intending to evacuate the supporters by using force before reaching of Ram Rahim in Panchkula, but the CM office was reluctant to use the force. Not only the decision was in the public interest, but by the use of force might have erupt the violence before the court verdict; and the public anger might have intensified more to damage after verdict.
The intelligence had given input already that the supporters of Gurmit Ram Rahim are not blank hand; they had — Lathis and Bhala including other country made weaponries. It had requested to close all the roads that go to Panchkula and the entry should be banned. Khattar Sahab mistook here that, if the intelligence input was there within time, the proper police action to handle supporters should have been begun; although he did nothing. Anyway till Khattar could reckon it, 30 people were killed, 100 other injured and the million worth government property gutted in fire.

The politics and the administration have always rolled downward its big blunder ball. Let’s see who will be punished with this untoward result to stop the chapter here; but the matter is in court cognizance, so the court may tender a commission for this laxity.

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