O Panneerselvam stems up; Dinakaran and EPS followed path of AMMA

Azahar Khan;Chennai
Two big steps have been taken by EK Palanisamy CM of Tamil Nadu this Wednesday. He ordered the investigation of J Jayalalitha death cause.
According to the decision, a retired Judge of Madras High Court will probe this case. Jayalalitha's official residence at PS Garden has been declared a monument.
 A meeting in the chairmanship of Palanisamy at AIADMK headquarter in Chennai was held on Wednesday last week.
 The resolution was passed unanimously against the party by laws which had appointed TTV Dinakaran as Deputy General Secretary.
Even the appointment of Sasikala as General Secretary in the party has been dubbed as ‘temporary arrangement’.
It is clear that Palanisamy carefully is following path of former deputy chief minister O Panneerselvam.
The careful means here that Palanisamy trio decisions within 10 days is originally a follow up of OPS and his supporters.
But Palanisamy has not yet accepted the big demand of this groups: that is the absolute ouster of Sasikala, Dinakaran and their family from AIADMK.
However in spite of this it is assumed that the supporters of OPS and EPS will join-hand. The indication is reaching from both sides.
M Thambidurai, leader AIADMK and parliamentary vice president and well intimate supporters of EPS said to NDTV on Friday, “The chief minister has satiated all wishes of supporters.”
I hope that brother OPS will join us and we will work together in future. On the other hand, OPS supporter MF Pandiyarajan reacting over the CM’s decisions, “The hurdles of path before every group have been removed.” The reports says that the decision of merger can be taken.
This is a perfect situation between both the groups when there can be discussion over the prevailing situations after this merger.
Who will be benefited and how much will be after this merger is to be seen; although there are three sides with the duology – EPS, OPS and Dinakaran!
The benefits or the lose whatever is going about to happen now to this merger will affect to these trio very much, so it entail us to talk about these persons.

Panneerselvam when he revolted in February this year, Palanisamy was understood very close leader to Sasikala. So Sasikala, before going jail in the case of properties more than income, had handed over the CM post to EPS.
But OPS had taken risk of revolt against Sasikala exactly owing to the political missions; namely,  the recent situation is identical to ‘smoking cigarette, legs hang into gasoline’. The party name and election symbol both has been proscribed by the election commission.
 In case, without obtaining the both, they came in fray, they will not be able to achieve such the public support; as that they can be supported on the party name and symbol.
The state government has to visit centre to run the government although the centre is helping them, but merely on this condition that they will make distance with Sasikala and Dinakaran group. Perhaps! this is the cause to take such chance. But it will keep on tormenting them. Because Sasikala and Dinakaran supporters in party are still in count so that they can fall the EPS government.
On the other hand, OPS has no so many of MLAs that they can help in the tough condition.
After taking charge of CM post in February to August, Palanisamy did not commented against Sasikala and Dinakaran. but suddenly he is looked as their rebel. Why? The reply on Friday was seen in publish with selected points on the New Indian Express.
Dinakaran after being appointed as party DyGS did, in hurry, his first mistake when he came in fray from RK Nagar constituency in Assembly by poll.
Late-Jayalalithaa’s constituency voters were tried to obtain support by influencing them by money. in the wake of this the election was cancelled.
Second mistake he did when he tried to bribe election commission, so that he can obtain the party symbol.
He had to go jail for this misconduct. When he was released from jail, he appointed 60 office bearers of party in the beginning of this month without having discussion with the CM.
It was enough to EPS. TTV’s such mistake boost up EPS to send message among party that Dinakaran is interested to capture the power and organization.
The effect of EPS’s effort was seen. Dinakaran who was claiming of 40 -50 MLAs' support was seen supporting by presence of 23 MLAs during a rally held at Mellor Madurai on 14th August.
Dinakaran is now enemy of his own friends because of his own mistake. If Dinakaran try to withdraw support to fall the government by intending to teach a lesson to duo after this merger of EPS and OPS, he will be in big loses.
OPS has acquainted his prudence and maturity after revolting since February so far and has been adamant on his demand. So far as he was not in clemency after PM Modi’s convincing; consequently the CM has accepted OPS’s trio demands. Certainly the benefits of these will go to OPS. This will grow his public support. Because the supporters who are with AIADMK in Tamilnadu are of Jailalitha’s originally, so the sympathy will support to OPS.
The merger’s conditions are said that the two options have been proposed from EPS group are to run party as Dy CM first as seven members chief of committee and to join the government on the second. However the report says that he, as the chief of party running committee including Dy CM post, PWD and Finance like big responsibility are being given. OPS is well in maintaining his pressure.

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