Outstanding payment of 'Oxygen Supplying Firm' delayed; yet oxygen is available in medical college: supplier claimed

Oxygen shortage killed 63 children in Gorakhpur Medical College

 Last six days of eastern UP faced wrath of firm supply … 63 children in the shortage of oxygen have died in Gorakhpur which is a strong hold area of Yogi AdityaNath Chief Minister Uttar Pradesh a Northern Province of India. The patients (children) are being carried in government hospitals where the oxygen supply has been interrupted because the supplier company was not paid its outstanding dues. Parents and kin of the children who rushed to hospital for the treatment of their close one and loving babes are returning with the dead body and weeping bitterly.
Taking action over Pushpa Sales Private Limited police is raiding many possessions of firm owner. The owner is absconding. Hospital administration is under trap of this serious failing after the incident… and facing ebb of public outcries.
Why was not hospital administration alert in spite of suppliers warning to stop Oxygen supply?
Why was the supplier not blacklisted and why were the needful steps not taken if it stopped the supply?
What steps had the local administration taken when the hospital Oxygen supply was endangering public life under the dispute?
Whether the State Health Ministry has any onus over to maintain the essential services or not?
Two days ago of incident Yogi, the CM, visited the hospital why not the children’ death and  Oxygen status both were reported to the CM while the death toll had begun to rise from August 7th.
The tight-lip CM,Yogi, has now broken his silence over the blaming of opposition for his government, and said that the deaths of 63 children because of Oxygen shortage is a heinous matter and the accused shall not be spared from punishment.
He added that the PM has expressed his grief over the tragedy and assured the state government to provide all the assistance which are the needful.  Central Health Minister, JP Nadda and Anupriya Patel both are in Gorakhpur to watch the situation on the behest of PM Modi.
“As the message I received, immediately I sent the ministers to inspect and said ‘the position to be clear, so collect all the information in this matter’”, he said. He added that we have to find three facts and to investigate it, I have ordered. Whether the deaths occurred because of Oxygen shortage? And what is the stat of death? Third, the persons who are responsible for this delinquency?
The CM said, the government expresses deep condolence  to the victims' family. A magisterial inquiry has been ordered and the report has been handed over to government.
He said the chief secretary is going to investigate the role of supplier. If the real facts of incident will be taken in record, that will be better for humanity. if the Oxygen shortage is the cause to the deaths, it is heinous. Health Education Minister was also with me on visit of 9th August.
The chief minister said that the BJP government as took charge, I  ordered that there must not be any emergency services failed. Gorakhpur incident is very sensitive matter. We will keep on fighting with incellefitis.
Yogi said that the principal of medical college after my visit had gone without information, so I removed him prima facie. Not only the children of Gorakhpur are rushed there, but the patients of adjoining areas are also taken there.
Anupriya Patel, taking the mike, has told whatever has happened in the BRD medical college has shaken us. We are here on the behest of PM Modi. The Union Government is ready to provide every help.
Mr Manish Bhandari , The UP dealer of Pushpa Sales which  supplies Oxygen, said, “The deaths are not because of Oxygen cylinder shortage, but it  may have happened  during the change of Oxygen cylinder. He added that the 100 of letters for the outstanding payment have been written to the principal secretary to UP government.
He told to Dainik Bhaskar, “It is a false statement that the deaths which had occurred are because of Oxygen shortage. The deaths occurred not because of required cylinder for Oxygen, but may be that the deaths occurred after lapse at the time of changing Oxygen cylinder. The principal is the accused of this incident.”
Rs 83 lacs were to be paid us from medical college; mere Rs 22 lacs of the outstanding amount have been paid so far. The BRD principal has said: 40 lacs more amounts shall be paid tomorrow. Hospital was not paying our outstanding amount; the premonition had been given to stop supply 20 days ago.”
Bhandari claimed, “The copy of every letter has been given to DM, but it was futile.” he ordered to college principal to pay the amount. After the DM order as the medical college gave in writing, the letter was forwarded to INOCS (Oxygen Supplying Company Rajsthan). Immediately a truck of liquid Oxygen was dispatched from there.

he said, “ We are in contract since last 3 years, but the payment was never delayed before it. The principal is the accused in this case. He was delaying the payment. I don’t know which type of pressure he is bearing. He added that this condition is at when we have served legal notice.” He also told that the medical college has enough Oxygen cylinders in the department, so the alternative services of Oxygen are available.”

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