Patriotism Trapped under Zindabad, Murdabad

That revoking the treason case over the 15 boys from district Burhanpur and charging them under communal harmony case shows that this incident vests many grave political meanings.
Division and post independence of Hindustan, Hindutva continuously has been campaigning propaganda that minority of this country have the sympathy and dedication with Pakistan.
RSS family has been working since beginning on the strategy of Goebbels that, if a lie is repeated hundred times, the public assume it true. RSS has used this experiment cleverly during India Vs Pakistan cricket match recently.
The incident of Mohad, a village of Madhya Pradesh, differs on this issue that the state itself is authenticating this logic of Hindutava that the minority of this country have the sympathy with Pakistan.
This incident unearths how much hurry is for telling the minority of Indian state are anti-national?
To say minority an anti-national, before the incident of Mohad, was involved in the case of terrorism, but it is a first chance when the state, by pretending the cricket, is telling the minority an anti-national.
The hatched conspiracy of Hindutva has been exposed.
In another incident, Sri Ram Sena activists, near Bijapur of K’taka, were arrested by the police in the case of Pakistani flag waving
In the first stage, Sri Ram Sena’s activists hoisted Pakistani flag and next day of incident, they staged Dharna in protest against the administration for not being arrested the accused.
 As the police arrested indulged 6 activists of Sri Ram Sena in this case, the chief of this organization, Pramod Mutaliq, stated that their activists had no hands in this incident, but the RSS men were involved in this conspiracy.
Such incidents in the past few years have occurred in which those boys were also targeted, who were students and came from Kashmir. The allegation of shouting pro- Pakistani slogans during India-Pak match on Feb 23, 2014, 67 Kashmiri students were suspended in Swami Vivekanand Subharti University Meerut and then the anti-national case was registered against them.
However the case of treason was revoked in the lack of evidence. These students’ rooms were targeted by stones pelting. Many of them left the college and returned back to Kashmir after some time.
Exactly after, the students came from Kashmir to study at Sharda University were also ousted from the hostel. Many such incidents in Haryana during India Vs Pakistan match have happened that the organized Hindutva attacked over Kashmiri students.
Actually adding Kashmiri people’s faith in reference to Pakistan is not tough task to Hindutava, but Hindutavas this strategy in the past few years has enhanced, apart from Kashmir, in other parts of country.
The communal violence was executed on October 12, 2016 in Piro under district Bhojpur Bihar. The flagellating crowds of minority who were carrying Tazia were targeted by ‘stones pelting’ which was authenticated by arguing of ‘shouting pro-Pakistani slogans.’
Many shops of minority community in this violence were set ablaze; gutted in the fire; many people were injured. (For more detail visit:
Three teenage boys like Mohad had been arrested in the crime of shouting pro-Pakistani slogans during final match of champions trophy in Mussoorie in Uttra Khand on June 20, 2017.
Actually the boys were arrested on the statement filed in police station by 'Hindutava organization'.
Exactly in the similar statement 3 boys were arrested in village Khamaria in district Ujjain. The experiment of Hindutava is not staying in the Hindi colloquial state, but the application of this phenomenon has been used at all India level. The arrests had been made during Champions Trophy match in the states where no BJP government exists. Namely, 4 boys of village Hosakote of Kodagu in South K’taka; 3 by Kurg police; 23 by Badiya Dukka in Kerala; and 20 people Chakkudal Kumbadaje near Kasargod in Kerala – all were arrested.
Ironically, all the arrests had been done under the pressure of Hindutavwadi organization.
The case of alleged persons was registered in the concerning police station and staged Dharna routinely for being arrested these people.
Now it is not necessary for Hindutva that such conspiracy shall be mere hatched where its government exists. So we shall have to examine earnestly the shibboleth of Hindutva and the BJP. The roots of communalism has deepen so in the majority society that even a secular government shall have to bend before the Hindutava or the secularism of a secular government can be seen as a weak faith.
The 15 minority men    are arrested by Burhanpur police – next day statement by advocates (nationalist) in the court premises that none will represent the case of anti-nationals; shouting slogans by 'Hindutavwadi organizations' outside the court; and like every chance, the strategy of this time stands those 15 peoples in the detention box by the media for which the incident had been scripted already.
Hindutava which handed over the task to its agenda, the impersonating actors of the story performed their roles accordingly.
Government, police, media, Hindutavwadi organization, activists in the court– all the organized Hindutava, having directives, were marching step by step and the success was at the door step, but a man, name Subhash Koli, belied all the strategy of this group.
The conspiracy which was hatched at Mohad village; openly there has no Hindutva organization that was indulged in this matter, but it was police who led and abetted the conspiracy here. Hindutvawadi police filed the name of the person who was the witness and eyewitness of the incident; he (Subhash Koli) raised questions -- and it was over the baked story of police! The police was to face much humiliation, before it TI Sanjay Pathak, chief conspirator of police story, had been transferred.
The senior officer in Burhanpur said about the transfer of TI Pathak that he was not transferred for the incident of Mohad, but it was done in the wake of other matter. The story published in ‘’ the higher official has said that TI Sanjay Pathak was not punished for fabricating a fake case, but for his failure in choosing perfect complainer.
Police had to bear much humiliation for his minor mistake. TI Sanjay Pathak’s role in this whole incident was then  become more doubtful when one of the detained 15 boys in police station said that the local BJP MLA of Mohad had paid a tidy sum of 3 or 4 packs of Rs 2000 notes to Pathak.
The news of this reference was published in Hindi daily news paper. It was also said in news report: because Pathak has link with, and access to, the big leaders of RSS, so the higher official of police are evading to speak against Pathak.
The whole incident was not hidden after the appearance of Subhash Koli.
And the mere opposition or Congress had absolute clear field. As we tried to know about it with the alleged leader of the society (especially Minority) to know the Congress or opposition role after this incident, they told that the congress is upholding from back. Congress’s supporting from back door means that the secular party how vulnerable is from it that the majority community could be aware of this open support.  If the majority could be able to know that the congress is supporting Minority, the majority vote-bank can shift from the congress party.
It is interesting a lot so because a national secular party is secretly saving the secularism; while the communal forces are showing openly its orgy. The sad side of the whole incident is this: the minority society is agreed upon consensously if they or congress raised this incident (Mohad), the BJP would be benefited because of it can easily then target to the opposition on the basis of communalism. This general concept looks countrywide at large. The secular politics of country have stemmed up an agreement among the Minority that if your problems are raised, this will benefit to BJP.
This can be seen in the incident of mob lynching cases.
So the Minority of this country have no other option in addition to believe on the fate of this system.
The minority community, over the politics for this incident, has been limited to the remedy of rights upto mere filing PIL in court or mere handing over the memorandum.
15 boys(from minority) which way they were arrested was nothing but the police had barged into the village to attack over minority. The police brought them to the police station by dragging and beating them. Many boys, without quizzing their names, were lifted by police recognizing by their caps and beard.
They faced more brutality in police station – they were beaten again. The police used abusive language with the aggrieved: “your community will be finished; BPL card will be banned; while eating the cereal of Rs. 1/kg, you got much enjoyment; Pakistani men had come to sleep with yours mothers.”
This language not only exposes the communal character of police; but also, the hate among them against the benefited community by state welfare.
All that public rights which ever or seldom, and after a much efforts, had been achieved by the people of the country, now they all have been agonizing to the middle class. Exactly the discussion was in limelight when the alleged anti-national slogans were shouted in JNU. A group of media had carried the same discussion that the welfare projects of government are carried out by the middle class taxes, and that money runs the universities where the studying students conduct the anti-national activities; so the institutions should be closed.
Neo-liberalization in last 3 decades has prepared such a generation which have not only an abhorrence to the state welfare concept but do hate very much to the deprived group to be benefited from these projects. Mohad incident is mere a part of communal violence which have happened with the minority in countrywide so far. Just the difference is that the Hindutva had to be here defensive, and that is because of mere Subhash Koli. The real hero of Mohad incident is Subhash Koli. If Subhash would have not exposed the conspiracy of police, Hindutva had successfully completed its task; and the futures of those 15 boys were on the verge of collapse. He, despite after being threatened, was stand in the favour of those 15 boys.
It looks such rare example nowadays. The incident is an example that if a-majority-community-man is stand against the communal conspiracy with honesty and dedication in reference of any incident, this may be much difficult for the Hindutava.

                 Shubhash Koli Ko… Saaalam

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