Preacher is now in jail for rape case; violence continues in state

It was feared but when it happen, it stunned the state and its police. At least 28 people were killed and over 250 others injured after followers of Dera Sachcha Sauda chief Gurmit Ram Rahim Singh went on the rampage for around three hours on Friday this week.
Ram Rahim, Dera Sachcha Sauda Chief in Sadhvi’s rape case was convicted and has been sent to the jail in Panchkula. Sirsa where, seeing the deteriorating situation, the curfew has been clamped. 
The overcrowded presence in thousands owing to the decision was seen in Panchkula. The court was sealed; none could go out; or none could enter into court campus till the verdict process. Mobile phone and internet services were stopped.
Amid the court decision to be awarded a video was released. Gurmit Ram Rahim has appealed to his supporters to maintain peace. In spite of this the supporters were there, and were not moving from Panchkula.
After the threatening of Dera’s supporters, High Court, hearing a petition, said a sensorious remark to the state and Union Government. 
The court said to Ram Rahim lawyer, “Dera’s supporters must be removed from Panchkula.” The police and security forces began to expel the supporters. The supporters have been ordered to leave Panchkula immediately.

A Sadhvi, disciple of Ram Rahim, had sent a complaint to Punjab High Court and then Prime Minister Atal Bihari Bajpai. Sadhvi had alleged sexual exploitation over Ram Rahim in her complaint. 
The matter was unearthed by an anonymous letter sent to then Prime Minister and Punjab High Court. The letter was written on 13th May 2002.
The letter referred about the whole story of her sexual exploitation done by Guru Ram Rahim in Dera Sachcha Sauda in Sirsa.
In her letter addressed to PM and to Punjab High Court she wrote: I’m resident of Punjab and have been working for the past 5 years as Sadhvi(Nuns) for Dera Sacha Sauda(Haryana, Dhan Dhan Waheguru Tera Hi Aasra). Hundreds of girls work for 16 to 18 hours in Dera.
We are being sexually exploited. I’m graduate. My family members whose impetus brought me here to be a hermit are filled with blind obedience of Maharaj.
Two years after the consecration of Sadhu, Maharaj’s close lady told me one day night at 10 ‘O’ Clock that Maharaj had called me in his cave (living place of Maharaj).
Since I was there first time, I was very happy knowing it, “The God have called me today.”
Maharaj was on the bed as I saw going there in cave; a remote was in his hand; a porn movie was on TV screen; revolver was laid on the bed up side.
I surprised seeing all it…land slipped down my foot. What was happening there? Maharaj was so in a gesture, I hadn’t thought in my dream. Mahraj shut down TV and sat beside he had me watered and said, “I have called you understanding my close love.” I was surprised seeing it all… land slipped down my foot.
It was my first chance. Maharaj said hugging me in his arms, “I love you with my soul. I want to love you because you had sworn to bestow yours all ‘Tan Man Dhan’(body, inner soul, money) at the hour of being consecrated of Sadhu with us, so this 'Tan Man'(body, inner soul) are mine.”
On my protest he said, “No doubt, I am the lord.” As I queried whether it is a work of god? He said: "It was lord Krishn who had 360 women followers whom he used to play romance every night. Nowadays all assume him lord." So it is not a new trend. I can shoot you by this revolver to kill, and can perform yours last rites. Your every family member who are in my dragnet believes on us. They cannot go out of my grip --You know very well.
I have high access in government. The Ministers of Haryana, Punjab and Union Minister touch my toe.
The leaders accept my support; my money and they will never be against us. I will get your family members dismissed from service. Every members of your family will be killed, and there will not be left any evidence. 
You know well that I had killed Dera's manager who is still disappear, and had left there no evidence. I will buy the politics, the police and the justice by money. He raped me, and since past 3 months I have been raped 20 to 30 times in a month.
We are disciplined by wearing white attire and have to put scarf over head; we cannot gaze by eyes to any men; and have to maintain distance 10 foots away from men—all these were guide lines of Maharaj.
We are looked like goddess; our position are like  a prostitute. Once we told my family, “All in Dera are not well.”, My family in anger began to say, “If there is no better near god, where is better? Your mind is in trap of bad thinking. Sing a glory song of Satguru." 
I am enforced to follow the order of Satguru. No two girls can talk mutually; they cannot talk to their homes by phone.
Recently many Sadhu girls have thrashed her jointly when a Sadhu girl of Bhatinda exposed malpractices of Maharaj.
A girl who is in her home at Kurukshetra has told everything to the family what had she faced there? His brother was senior Sewadar. Who, giving up Dera, broke up his relation with Dera.
A girl who, arrived back home, told everything of malpractices in Dera to her neighbor; consequently Sewadar goons reached to the girl home at Sangroor district with the weapons, and threatened her inside her home.
  1. May 2002: the responsibility to confirm the complaint letter was assigned to Sirsa session judge.
  2. December 2002: the complaint was found correct, a case was registered against Ram Rahim under section 376, 506 and 509.
  3. December 2003: the investigation of case was handed over to CBI. The investigating officer, Satish Dagar, began investigation of case and fished out the complainant Sadhvi during the year 2005-2006.
  4. July 2007: CBI completed the investigation of case and filed chargesheet in Ambala CBI court. The case was transferred to Panchkula from Ambala. According to chargesheet, many more Sadhvis were sexually exploited during the years 1999 to 2001, but they could not be traced.
  5. August 2008: the trial of the case began and the charges were framed over Dera chief.
  6. During the years 2011 to 2016: the trial of the case was carried out in the court. the lawyers were arguing continuously in the favour of Dera Chief Ram Rahim.
  7. July 2016:  15 prosecution and 37 defence witnesses were crossed into the witness box during the case trial.
  8. June 2017: The court banned Dera head’s visit to abroad.
  9. 25th July 2017: the CBI court ordered to hear this case every day so that the decision could be delivered.
  10. 17th August 2017: the date 25th August was scheduled to announce the decision after the completion of argument of both sides.

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