Retired DIG CBI disclosed: CBI got nod of freehand investigation in Dera Sacha Sauda from Dr Manmohan Singh

The officer who was investigating this case has disclosed a big secret. Dera Sacha Sauda chief, Ram Rahim is in jail; CBI special court has convicted him 20 years imprisonment standing him culprit.
M Narayan, retired DIG CBI, has disclosed that the political pressure was put owing to this case over Manmohan Singh. He said that a few MPs from Haryana and Punjab had tried to influence this case maintaining the pressure over Dr Manmohan Singh, former Prime Minister.
Dr Manmohan Singh was in favour with the CBI in spite of political pressure, M Narayan said, chief investigating officer in Gurmeet case; and CBI got nod of a freehand investigation from Dr Manmohan Singh.
In an interview M Narayan told that after growing political pressure former PM had summoned the then CBI chief Vijay Shankar. He discussed with the CBI on this matter.
According to M Narayan, seeing the statement of victims, Dr Manmohan Singh directed CBI to carry its investigation ahead.
Many higher officers of department including other influential persons had pressurized the CBI to abridge the case.
He had to face many ups and down during 15 years investigation against Ram Rahim, he told. Now Gurmeet is in jail after being convicted in the rape case. He has been sentenced  20 years imprisonment.

Court is stern over violence erupted in Haryana.

After the court decision over Dera Chief Ram Rahim, the  High Court is in tight attitude over the violence erupted . Punjab Government apprised the court that his government had taken over 85 Ashrams and evacuated it. Haryana government told court that his government had evacuated the places of 103 Nam Charcha Ghar. The court queried to Haryana government for knowing about what and how much was the role of government officials in the violence bursting?
    The High Court has ordered many FIRs to be probed by the SIT to investigate for the government's laxity. The Human Rights Issue was also  raised there and the advocates said that the people, alleged rioters, were being targeted by bullets over their faces, chests and heads while they could have been targeted by bullets on their legs to prevent them.

High Court also heard the claimed of compensation by Haryana and Punjab and said to submit the related information details of claim in the court. High Court also asked Haryana police, citing the recent incident, that if the crowd in this way arrives, which action will police take. The High Court  clarified that it had not attached any property of Dera Sachcha Sauda – mere the property related information was asked. The court has said that there was no comment over PM Modi during this hearing.

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