Social heroes living in obscurity are to be recognized:PM Modi

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Announcing in an organized programme by NITI Ayog at Non-resident Indian Centre, PM Modi has said that anybody can recommend name for Padm Award online. Our motive is to make new India, but every citizen can contribute to bring a change and make prosper India.
Addressing to Young CEO and start ups, Modi targeted the past government and said that how Padm awards were felicitated, you know. Announcing he has said that a little change we have brought. Anybody can recommend to anybody for Padm award. Now the social heroes living in obscurity are to be recognized.
On the issue of employment, PM Modi said that a big employment is among brokers of this country; and those who are in this profession; they have to see their employment. Now many things such are going to be closed, these people are uproaring more today.
PM has said that the brokers are stayed away from this government and because of it they are unhappy. it is ill-fate that the corruption has been institutionalized. Now the time has its change and the brokers’ time has been ended.
Modi has said that to whom I am seeing all are young, and the senior people are the policy makers of government. I am desired to work together the young and the seniors for new India. Every citizen can contribute for country and I want to enhance more it for the development.

He added that innovation is life… in absentia of innovation there will be inertia.

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