State Government suspended BRD principal for duty lapse; opposition outcry it is serious failing of state government

The Medical Education Minister, Ashutosh Tandon, said that the pending payment of Oxygen supplying company has been granted on 5th of August and the amount has been transferred to the medical college account, but it is more surprising that the amount was not paid to the company till 11th August.
Dr Rajiv Mishra’s suspension is running on Uttar Pradesh  Government website portal. The Minister’s statement that the payment had been done to the medical college is surprising that no such government order has been issued and uploaded for the purpose of payment for the company. The Government Order which was claimed to have been issued for payment has been addressed to the Director General Health on 5th August, while its copy has been endorsed to the principal BRD Medical college.
The process of payment is: first the budget uploading is done by the DDO to the District Treasury and then amount is withdrawn from account head by applying on Treasury bill. After the bill passed by Chief Treasury Officer, the amount is transferred to the beneficiary.

The death toll rises in Gorakhpur tragedy; principal of medical college is a scapegoat of government wrath. So far the services here were normal before the tragedy; the ultimate responsibility of paying the sent amount is charged over the principal.
Questions are here:
  • Which medical colleges were allocated fund and how much? The amount of the government grant on August 5th should be clarified?
  • Why a huge amount granted to the institution was not allocated in the different heads simutaneously till 5th August?
  • Whether the amounts allocated were uploaded in the Gorakhpur Treasury from where the amount was to be transfer through billing in the account of firm till August 5th or later?
  • If the fund in the head was not allocated, who will decide it?
  • The date when was the allocation of fund decided to the heads?

Akhilesh Yadav, ex-CM, expressed his grief over the tragedy and targeted the Yogi government. He said the system failure killed the children and its ultimate responsibility is gone over the state government. The removal of principal is false steps of government.
Sakshi Maharaj is well known for his controversial statement , but he said on BRD tragedy in Gorakhpur , “ The deaths of innocent children are not normal incident; one or two are count as normal… but not so many… it’s a massacre."
Mayawati taunted over PM Modi over the deaths tragedy of children in Gorakhpur. She said, “ The state people is feeling boredom while hearing the preach ‘the accused shall not be spared’ and ‘the criminals shall not be spared’ because after such announcement neither the stern action has been taken against the accused; nor the shameful, sadful criminal incident in the state are in controlled. The state government's responsibility is being pushed over the principal who is scapegoat of state government. She criticised the statement of Sidharth Nath Singh ‘many children die in the month of August.’

Ghulam Nabi Azad said the death tragedy of children in BRD, “It is a serious failing of state government.” The senior leader of congress, Ghulam Nabi Azad, visited the hospital and met the kin and patients and asked about the treatment and their condition. This ill-fate incident is the serious failing of state government and we stand  the state government  responsible. The health ministers and the secretary(health) must resign. the doctors are not responsible for the tragedy.

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