'ABVP is privileged' so the girls were resented: police investigation in BHU

ABVP is a student union backed by RSS.  The administrative block of any university always give privilege and the recognition to this student union to hold talks because most of the states in India are ruling by the BJP which is said the birth of RSS backing.
Those 25 day and nights when the handicapped students staged Dharna for the demand of basic amenity in DSMNR university campus Lucknow this month; and to give it a momentum, these blinds went to stage a Dharna at Gandhi Pratima in Hajaratganj; meanwhile the V-C called ABVP and organized talks between V-C and some other blinds who were not the part of that Dharna and a memorandum of demands were given  to V-C on behalf of those protesting students.
The true protesters were divested from the talks and the pro-VC men were highlighted as the real leader of staging Dharna.
The same story has been surfaced from BHU chaos. Police report disclosed that the fight began after the entry of ABVP girl students. The university administration was responsible for starting of lathicharge.
The police report reveals that the girls were staging Dharna at the main gate for the security disorder in the BHU campus. The girls were adamant to hold a talk with VC over the assurance security. The Proctorial Board officials, after the assurance of a meeting VC, took the girls from main gate towards VC house.
The demonstrating girls do reach up to VC house, but the Vice Chancellor came out and denied to talk. He called a girl students delegation in his home.
The police report says: Mere 3 student-girls of ABVP were allowed entry, for which the girl-students present there expressed their resentment over it and they were adamant to why the ABVP student-girls only were allowed to meet with the VC? Some of them were constantly asking the permission to go in.
The officials present there did not accept this demand; consequently a protest suddenly erupted there. The enquiry reveals, after this protest, the BHU guards, stand up with the chief proctor, began to lathicharge with abusing.
The Proctorial Committee has been stood responsible for the lathicharge. the report says that the BHU administration in the matter is contemplated responsible to control the situation. The uniform of police and the guards both were same in colour which caused a doubt over the police for lathicharge.
That the disorder in campus was pre-planned indicates the police report, which will be investigated later
Actually, the dispute started on September 21 when a student-girl was returning from Art faculty to hostel; meanwhile 3 motorcycle borne men allegedly molestated. The girls accused the security guards 100 meter away from the spot did nothing to stop them. Then the lenient attitude of university administration was protested.

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