And the Voice Stopped....!

The senior and renowned journalist of Karnatka, Gauri Lankesh, has been assassinated. According to report, the assailants reached to her Bangalore home; shot at and fled from the spot. Police told seven round bullets were fired – two of these were shot on chest and one on head.
The resentment or grudge prevailed in whole community from the politics up to journalists against the assassination of Gauri Lankesh. The chief minister of Karnatka, Siddhmarraiya, has said that he is shocked with this incident.
He texted and said, “There’s no words to condemn such heinous crime.” he said that Karnatka has lost a progressive voice and he, a friend. The accused will be in police dragnet.
The progressive voices had been murdered exactly in the same way like Dr MM Kalburgi, Narendra Dabholkar and Dr Govind Pansare. Gauri Lankesh, 55, had the stance against right wing.  She was convicted for her writes up against the BJP’s leader in two matters of defamation. She was out on bail.
Rahul Gandhi, Congress Vice President, has targeted over the RSS and BJP for the murder of renowned journalist of Karnatka, Gauri Lankesh.
He said, “If someone criticizes the concept of the BJP and the RSS, he is pressurized; thrashed; and eventually, he is even murdered.”
 Rahul Gandhi posed the question over the PM Modi’s silence on Journalist Gauri Lankesh’s murder and said, “PM Modi is a complete Hindutwa leader.”
His words mean a duality. His activists get a message and rest of the world understands others. Rahul Gandhi, vice president of Congress said that he has talked with Siddhmaraiyyah and demanded the arrest of Gauri Lankesh’s murders earliest.
Nitin Gadkari, Union Minister, said Rahul’s statement over Modi is a shame.
He said, “He is PM of India, not of a party.”
Nitin Gadkari said over the allegations on BJP, “It is a baseless allegation. We have no relation with this murder. The law and order is the responsibility of state.”
Anti-right wing politics journalist, Gauri Lankesh, was assassinated in a firing at her Bangalore home on Tuesday this week.
This follows the murder axis of Dr MM Kalburgi, Narendra Dabholkar and Dr Govind Pansare, so the facts are perceived interlinking each other. The trio were the anti-right wing politics.
The CM has said on Wednesday this week, “ Gauri Lankesh’s murder is the part of organized crime.”
 Two person involved to write on face book against Gauri Lankesh is being quizzed.
After the talk with the State Home Minister, the responsibility has been assigned over DG police to hand over the case to CBI, said the CM.
Sadananda Gowda, Union Minister, has demanded to hand over this case to CBI; meanwhile the Union Home Minister, has directed to ask the report from state government over the murder of Gauri Lankesh.
The traumatic BJP is in pressure now. After the demonetization, the resolution of better days have crossed 3 years, and 2 more years are to be very crucial in the wake of BJP’s reformation policy among population. 
However, what happened after the killing of Gauri Lankesh — the public mood fully was diverted toward this murder, which made among the people skipped all the reactions of past drawbacks of governments of States or Union. Let us see the drawbacks.
  • The arrest of Haryana BJP president's son in the case prowling a girl.
  • The victory of Ahmed Patel in Gujarat Rajya Sabha election despite siege.
  • Many children died in Oxygen shortage at BRD Medical College Gorakhpur.
  • Many rail accidents in the country.
  • Supreme Court decision on right to privacy.
  • Dera supporters' violence erupted owing to Haryana Government laxity.
  • The RBI’s report over the demonetization.
  • The development rate of economy slumps to its lowest level in the past 3 years.

Any way the killing of senior journalist is shameful and is the attack on democracy. We condole this killing, but the question is here that an armed personnel can face the assailant; what about a journalist whose life be in danger always for following his job? The journalist always battles to extract the content from the executive, the legislative and the judiciary in this democracy. The trio systems try to defend it from Media, but meanwhile the ecology give birth a killer to control the voice.

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