How government fails here before 'hang or help'?

The poverty which kills family; then what causes to torment the deceased is the flaws of government economic planning. The minimum daily wages which become the need to the livelihood here when be difficult to earn it or in spite of earning, slips from the hands result suicide.
The caliber to earn by muscles power is difficult nowadays to a man; and if so, mere meager amount is possible. This tension to daily wagers can be reducing, but the corruption endangers to their lives and they become the victim of non access of government welfare schemes.
‘To find the death cause is continue’ is in news line now, but after finding the reasons behind the incident be no news of Head-line. If the family dies in hunger or of lack in the access of medical support to the prolong illness of family member must be taken in cognizance by human right.
A report from Jodhpur is that four members of family committed suicide under pressure of poverty. That the family hanged his two children; then hanged themselves too because of poverty is shame incident. It was sensational incident of deaths in the area when the police recovered the four bodies.
The family was residing with 3 children in the room built in the fields near Jain temple of Bhkari village in Tanwada. The economic crunch of the family emerges in the preliminary investigation. The inquiry is continue and the police has registered the case.
Kanaram, 45, and his wife Pushpa Devi,40,with the two children were residing  in their home built into the fields. The peasants told that Kanaram was suffering with the economic crunch, and his daughter and wife were suffering protracted illness.

They had no money for their treatment. One family member, son, who is alive, was out then. There were no essential food items found during the search operation of their home; consequently police estimated it about that the family may have taken this drastic step.

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