Lead so far in Kotkhai gang-rape and murder case

The facts which CBI collected in 15 years old teenage girl student murder case in Kotkhai of Himachal Pradesh so far are as follows. 8 of which are important, and may lead to the final investigation.
  1. CBI fetched all the case related information from girl's kin at home in Kotkhai. It took the talks details before being killed and disappeared. CBI collected the whole information of the day by the brother of deceased.
  2. Meanwhile the talks, the arrested accused were questioned; 'Created Scene' and the facts are being matched. The phone call details of the person being in contact with the accused are being combed.
  3. Two suspects’ blood samples were sent for test in Junga Lab. what role they played in the case and whether the samples are matching or not are also being investigated. DNA samples and their dental-bites of total 8 person including deceased were sent forensic test.
  4. The dental-bite-marks were found on the girl student body, but the school dress was intact. The finger marks together hairs DNA are also being test.
  5. One more accused Ashish Chauhan has been taken 15 days judicial custody.
  6. In the teenage girl murder after gang-rape case, CBI team reached Kotkhai and inspected again the incident spot. The girl’s maternal uncle, Rajendra was questioned during this visit. CBI again got postmortem conducted of Suraj’s body in Shimla IGMC. the AIIMS team  performed the autopsy.
  7. CBI team called Rajendra, maternal uncle, at 10 o’clock morning at forest guest house. More than 10 CBI officers were present there. Rajendra, first body seer of girl, had informed police. Maternal uncle told everything to the CBI team. Meanwhile an officer was writing the talk of girl’s maternal uncle.  He was questioned till 1 hour. CBI had asked him, “Do you do suspicion over anybody? Whether the daughter used to take anybody's lift ever.  Do you know any of the arrested accused in this case? Then team reached the spot with Rajendra..
  8. Rajendra explained the incident spot and the spot scene were developed on paper. CBI team was at the incident spot till afternoon and Rajendra was sent home from there. The team said to call Rajendra again for investigation. Then CBI team went to the guest house and stayed there late evening.

According to Shimla police, Priyanka, the student of 10th class in Mahasu School who was the resident of Tali Kholna village of Balsan area was studying with her brother in Mahsu School.  By the way, both used to go Mahasu school  from their home on foot frequently, but  they stayed ever and anon in their maternal uncle home.
Both had told in their home on 4 th July that they would not go home that day and would halt at maternal uncle home, but her brother stayed there and Priyanka left for home that evening. When Priyanka did not reach home on 5th July, the family members began to search her; but she was not found.

Someone looked a body in the nude condition (about 100 ft in) on road going to Tala Kholna via Dandeli jungle from Mahasu in morning, and informed police. Police took the body in its custody on the spot.

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