Mulayam kicked fallacy; belied Samajwadi's break

Mulayam Singh Yadav, having four pages paper in his hand, appeared before the press conference today at Lohiya trust. Neta ji removed first page cleverly and then before journalists he put his views on remaining three more pages; while Sharda Pratap Shukla sat beside Mulayam was constantly extending the first page to read, but Neta Ji did not read that.
Actually the first page was with the write up of new party formation to which Mulayam Singh Yadav was to announce through press conference. Neta ji did not read this page, but he said, “I’m not going to form any party. Not this much he evaded the question of embracing one of Akhilesh or Shivpal.
The page, which was unread, had been written on,” we tried to maintain the party unity anyhow since last one year in spite of being humiliated because of some reason, but that I was not being invited in the state conference on Saturday last week felt much humiliation.” while the party was formed by us in 1992 which is the main and chief part of Samajwadi agitation.
Maintain the respect to the faith of countries workers, I have taken the decision that by forming separate party with same conceptual men a political path will be chosen, whose outline will be shaped earliest. The farmers, the unemployed, and the Muslims voice are not being raised, so to the reasons I am being forced to take this decision..
. The SP spokesperson, Sunil Sajan, said, “Which Samajwadi concept and party -- Mulayam Singh has developed -- is being led to flourish by Akhilesh Yadav. How does Neta Ji make it weak by his own hand in such situation? Neta Ji has belied all those ambitions which was making party’s Samajwadi concept weak.”

Mulayam Singh has a high recognition in Samajwadi Family. Here the family means whole party. The day was to declare new party separate from Samajwadi on Monday, but he did nothing so. It is allegedly said that Shivpal, wary of his resentment, was to teach Akhilesh a political lesson, but Mulayam Singh is the master in political game; he comprehended the running situation and is aware of current state government whose competency is to be faced in future UP mere by Samajwadi party and he had gauged it earlier by his own observations and again narrowly escape from this fallacy can be said. Anyway it is clear that the announcement of new party by Mulayam Singh has failed and this has belied all the strategy of other parties.

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