One more freedom icon is no more...Arjan Singh, first Indian Air Chief marshal passed away

The air chief in the age of 44, the leading to more than 100 fighter planes’ fly past over the red fort on the occasion of India’s independence and the officer bedecked with 5 stars in air force, Arjan Singh, is well known for discipline. once he had to face court marshal.
Yes, it is court martial which has to face when an armed personnel breaks army rule. The time had to face when he had violated the air force rules.
It was the time of post independent era when the British had its command. The young Arjan Singh flew fighter plane over a home of Kerla in February 1945 at very low height. Exactly after this action he had to face court martial for the violation of air force rules. He had also been accused of endangering civilian life. However he had pursued it rigidly. Whatever he had contended there in his defense, he was acquitted from court martial.
According to a Post on a news paper, he was deployed at Kannur cant air strip. he flew aircraft and reached over the corporal house; he flew the plane at low height. Many rounds over corporal home he carried. In such condition not only corporal’s kin came out on the road, but the local residents also came out; the traffic had jammed. The seeing of aircraft then was a pride, and the local residents had seen air plane exactly once earlier.
The bruisers were not pleased with this conduct while it was joyful for the people and the report was sent to higher official and Arjan Singh had to face court martial. However the trained pilots were in short numbers then
.Facing court martial, Arjan Singh said arguing that he did so for fostering confidence. None other, this trainee pilot was the person, Dilbag Singh, who became Air Chief Marshal in future. Dil Bag Singh had been the air chief Marshal since 1981 to 1984. He was the second Sikh Air Chief after Arjan Singh. Dilbag Singh was appointed as a pilot in 1944.
Arjan Singh is well known for his never flinching valor. he has an armed family back ground, so he had an intimacy for armed force since his childhood. His father was trusted lieutenant as ADC to divisional commander. His grandfather, Major Hukam Singh was in cavalry during 1883 to 1997.
Arjan Singh was felicitated as‘Diamond Man’ by then Union Home Minister, Y.B.Chavhan, for his excellent services rendering during Indo-Pak war in1965. he added that he is efficient and rigid for his work with a great leadership.

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