Shroud mystery in Ryan school murder case: Why needs CBI inquiry?

Accused Ashok Kumar after arrest
The intention behind the murder of 7years old Pradhumn is unclear now which raise the suspicion over the management which claims the name international, but the standard of school was in the hand of layman perhaps either or some foul play appear here.
If the bus conductor was afraid of the slain little boy’s scream… and intentionally wanted to physical abuse him, why had he chosen that place to trap Pradhumn? While he could have easily targeted him at other safe places during transportation, he transits the children for school.  Whether conductor had bad character, or the story is baked in this way. The sudden plan to abuse... and then murder after failure are not true story. It is two commitments here, which is possible after a hatched plan. Ashok told the babe had seen some his bad activity there specially at toilet... any bad lone activity which was grave in nature could consequence a murder is not believable under CCTV footage. Then who were there inside the campus at the hour of incident to whom he had seen? And whether the bad scene was going on there with murder knife that day? Any way cell phones in campus were used, but if police failed to siege all the mobiles availble there, now it is late.
Another doubt: as the information spread, Ashok had brought Pradhumn out from the toilet, and with other staff he rushed him to hospital, but no blood marks were on his shirt. There were no blood stains over Ashok’s shirt.
The toilet in the presence of police was cleaned. Why did police help the management? Both know the accused persons except Ashok; and the police helped the management to destroy evidences shows the hand of powerful man behind the murder.
Prdhumn’s bag and water bottle both were cleaned after the incident; who and why did it?
The number of students' presence failed to hear the scream at the time of murder; while teachers and children use the toilet every minutes.
Suddenly the school's CCTVs were not working. Then whether it is an effort to save the real accused.
The accused Ashok confessed that he tried to physical abuse the boy. When he began to scream, he, afraid of exposing, attacked on throat by knife. The clothes of deceased have been sent for forensic investigation.
Bombay high court has given relief to Pinto family on advance bail. the relief has the validity till Thursday. the relief was till Tuesday earlier. the family have filed advance bail plea at Bombay high court.
Bombay High Court gave interim relief to the pinto family. Grace Pinto, Augustine Pinto and Ryan Pinto are on immediate relief.
Pradhumn’s father, Varun Thakur, demanding CBI inquiry, has said that he is not satisfied with the police investigation. He has still to find the reply of this question: from where did the bus conductor bring the knife? And why he went to bath room to clean the knife?
Two higher officers of Haryana police reached to Ryan school, they will record the statement of top management.
Bombay High Court will hear advance bail application of Pinto family this afternoon.
Ryan Group reached Supreme Court for Pradhumn murder case hearing to be out from Haryana. 
The counsel who is trying Pinto case in court has alleged facing protest.

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