US Warning Encouraged One More North Korean Test

North Korea tested once again hydrogen bomb unheard of the US warning. An explosion of intensity 6.3 near Korean atomic test place was recorded by the Earthquake information giving organization.
North Korea also confirmed its test and said it tested hydrogen bomb, which was completely successful. This bomb can be fired long distance Korean missile. According to News agency AFP, the explosion was 9.8 times more powerful than the last or 5th test.
The Joint Chiefs of Staff in South Korean has told in a statement exactly before that an earth quake shock near Pungye re test spot of North Korea has been reported. The American geological survey has recorded shock of 6.3 intensity. This was more intense than earlier felt quake.  Jaena Perce, USGS geo-physicist, said that it was an explosion, not an earthquake.
The South Korean reporting committee, Yohop, has reported that it was 9.8 times powerful test shock than its 5th test of North Korea. An officer of Korean Metrological Administration told Yonhop that it was most powerful than in its september nuclear test last year.
Pyongyong is researching remedies to make it capable of firing the nuke missile over its enemy America since long.  The question is here whether it has made its weaponry lightweight successfully; and whether it possesses such Hydrogen bomb, but local news agency has said officially that Kim Jong Unn has inspected such equipment in the atomic weaponry institute before the earthquake.
It was a thermonuclear weapon which has capability of high intense explosion, said local news agency through Kim. We have developed it with the self-efforts and technology, and the Hydrogen bomb has been developed completely country made technologies. In the picture, Kim, in black suit, looks inspecting a metallic system which looks like rind of peas.
Two successful tests of ICBM-VASONG 14 were carried in July this year by North Korea, which have taken much reach of the American range. Since then, North Korea is continuously threatening to fire the rocket over American area of Guam; and it had fired a missile which crossed over Japan sky and fell into the Pacific Ocean last week. It accepted the projection of such missile first time.
The radiation leakage was reported after the test. However, Chinese report says that there is no report of radiation across the border after the test. On the suspicion of radiation leakage, Japan and China said on Monday that after this test, no pollution of radiation was recorded in the atmosphere so far.
Chinese Environment Conservation Ministry Said in a statement that the radiation was recorded normal by the monitoring station in the North-East border area -- namely, Hilongjiyang, Gilin, Liyaoning and Shandong provinces.
MEP has begun to detect the radiation level in the border areas for the emergency situation of atomic test. MEP said the monitoring statistics shall be published. Yoshihide Suga, senior spokesperson of Japan government, said that neither of the monitoring centres around the country observed any specific incident, nor the samples taken of air self defense could find any such thing.

China has condemned this test, issuing an statement by foreign affair ministry.

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