Visa rules for foreign workers entry toughen in US

Trump Administration in America is constantly following to make path tough for foreign skilled workers including Indians. Trump Administration is challenging H1B Visa application. US President Donald Trump, following through his effort for foreign skilled workers entry, makes by the scrutinizing in applications tough. The data given by News Agency Reuters has clarified the whole picture.
According to Reuters Trump Administration H1-B1 Visa is regularly challenging the applications. The challenges round of these applications have increased in Trump administration competing to the Obama administration. US citizenship and immigration services have given data which shows clearly. According to the data, this year 85 thousands challenges and requests for evidence have been filed.
USCIS releases Requests for Evidence. Whenever it is released, the applicants do have to submit the new evidence in the favour of their applications through which they are enabled to confirm that their applications are authentic to achieve the H1-B visas. These applications in numbers have increased 45 percent this year in competition of last year and the increase of this is mere 3 percent of H1-B visas.
According to the news agencies, these challenges are responsible for the late issuing of H1B visa. The maximum RFE has been issued in year 2017 after 2009.

The puzzled lawyers in the H1-B visa added cases say that a new trend can be seen in the trump administration. According to them, the entry level workers have been challenged in Trump administration. It is against the visa rules, according to them.

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