Which problems solution UN is seeking;terrorism is on top: Sushma Swaraj in 72th UN session

Sushma in her addressing to UNSC said, “if we cannot define our enemy, how can we fight together against them? if we constantly classify the difference between the good terrorists and the bad terrorists, how can we fight then together? if we are not able to agree upon listing terrorists in UNSC, how can we fight together.”
Sushma was referring indirectly the permanent member of security council China which has been hindering to the Indian effort to impose restriction over Jaish-e-Mohammad chief Masood Azhar.
Sushma said, “I want to appeal this conference to stop gauging this evil with self-defeat and pointless gap… 'The evil is the evil'. Let us accept that the terrorism is endangering to the existence of humanity. “That none of us, anyhow, can say this brutal violence is correct.”
Sushma asked, “I want to say with the leader of Pakistan have ever you thought that India and Pakistan both got freedom together. But why India is reckoned as a superpower in IT and why Pakistan’s identity is as terrorism exporter and the country of terrorists?”
She added, “We generated scientists, doctors, engineers and learned persons and what did you do? You generated the terrorists; you made terrorist camps – and you produced, Lashkar-e-Tyaba, Jaish-e-Mohammad, Hizbul Muzahiddin and Hqqani network!”
Sushma said, “if Pakistan had spent the funds on its country’s development what it had spent on terrorism, the world would have been better and safe today."
Sushma said over Abbasi's claim, on the foreign policies to have been built on the base of friendship and peace on behalf of founder of Pakistan, Mohammad ali jinnah,  "she does not know of theories which Jinnah advocated for, she can say so that PM Modi, after taking charge as Indian Prime Minster, tendered his friendship and peace hand. She added, “Pak PM should reply why did he turn down this proposal.”
The created challenges by environment change needs the action than the discussion. She appealed to the leader of developed nations that they help to the undeveloped countries by the technology transfer and the financial aid to green climate. The developed countries must hear carefully in comparison of other because they have much capacity than others.
The climate pact is not in the favour of America because it badly affects the American trade and the employments, Donald Trump, US president, had said claiming Paris pact was to more benefit country like India and China.
Referring to her last year speech in UNGA, Sushma said that she had told the climate change was endangering to the country existence. Foreign minister said, “India has said already that it is absolutely committed to the Paris pact. It is not because that we are in fear of any power; influenced with any friend or enemy; or we are doing so under the guise of any greed.” she said that it is the result of our 5000 years old legacy of philosophy.
Shushma said, “When we talk about world peace, our meaning of peace talk is not only among the humanity, but also with the nature. we understand that the human nature becomes adverse to the nature in many attempt, but when the human nature is following wrong direction, we should apply the change in it.” she said,  “when we hurt the nature under our greed, it takes an  explosive form." we should learn to live the results of nature, cycles and new changes.”
Sushma called upon to begin the talks on Text base reformation in the UNSC. Sushma said: “an effort during last year had been begun on Text base talks on the reformation of Security Council and extension. More than 160 countries had supported these efforts. If we are serious, we can do at least this to let such text prepare which may be the base of talks.”
She said if it so, it would be bigger achievement. She said she expects more with UN general secretary.
Sushma called upon the members’ countries of UN to reach on an agreement taking general treaty on international terrorism this year to show a new commitment. Although india had proposed general treaty on international terrorism even in 1996, UN is not agreed on the definition of terrorism after the two decades. She said, “we are the old sufferer of terrible and even painful terrorism.  As we began to speak over the problem, the world superpowers rejected telling it the issue of law and order. Now they know better it. The question is here what to do about it.”
Sushma said over the terrorism, “we should self-introspect and ask self whether our discussion, whatever we do, is near to it at any point. we condemn this evil and in ours every statements we express our determination to fight against it. the truth is that they have become just a custom.”
She said that the fact is that when we have the need to fight against and annihilate this enemy, The selfishness of some leads them to duplication.
India has warned International community that a question mark is posing about maritime security and the dangerous atomic proliferation news is surfacing. She said, “She said, "For some provocative and provocative mixed reasons, people are leaving the psychological, cultural and economic convenience of their traditional home region and seeking asylum in another country, which creates an environment of restlessness internationally. The foreign minister said that the vast settlement of world is still the victim of hunger and poverty. He said that women are historically victims of discrimination and they are demanding gender base empowerment

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