Yogi inaugurates Metro services for public

Thanks to E Sreedharan: Rajnath Singh Union Home Minister

Metro on Tuesday has been launched in Lucknow, the state capital of Uttar Pradesh. The UP CM, Yogi Adityanath; Union Home Minister, Rajnath Singh; and state governor, Ram Naik was present on this occasion. The metro services to the public will be available on September 6th.
The UP CM said during the inauguration that the completion of any project within time is a big task.  Mr Sridharan and his team are congratulated for the completion and beginning in the limited time. he added that the people would have not to wait for journey. The benefits shall be available since Wednesday.
Yogi said that our government is ready to launch Metro rail project in many cities of state. there will not be different Metro corporation now for the purpose of Metro work, but there will be begun one Metro corporation. I welcome Mr Dharan to be chief advisor of that corporation.
The Union Home Minister, Raj Nath Singh, has said on this occasion that he dedicates this Metro to the former PM A.B Bajpai. Now Lucknow, the city of Nawabs, shall also be recognized as Metro city together. The city where Metro runs, the way of development is opened.
He said, “I personally welcome to Mr E Dharan being as MP of Lucknow. The future must be in reckoning when to go for the decision of planning of any city infrastructure.”  Raj Nath added, “A road around Lucknow will stretch in the distances 104 kilometers and I’m please that the work has been started to develop it."
Union Home Minister and UP CM both will board on metro’s first ride after flag off at Transport Nagar; while the Metro services will be available for the public on Wednesday morning. Metro will run from 6 'o’clock morning till 10 'o’clock evening. the fare will be Rs 10 to 60 from Charbagh to Transport Nagar. The travelers can talk with Driver through Takback in the case of emergency.

the political view is emerging that Akhilesh, former UP CM, had had this dream project during his tenure. This is the reason why he was with its entire journey since the foundation beginning up to the construction, but he was defeated in Assembly election, so he could not inaugurate it. Now the yogi government is going to inaugurate it, Akhilesh Yadav is refreshing his nostalgia by tweeter.

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