Deaths are not by starvation: Raghubardas CM J'khand

The political outcry is continuing over the starvation death in Jharkhand. The Ragubardas government is now on back foot.
Ragubardas, CM Jharkhand, has said that the opposition is misleading people and tarnishing the state image. He said that the government schemes were used to facilitate to the middlemen and the corruption, but now the benefits must be in access of last men, so it have been linked to Adhar.
He added that the 99% ration cards have been linked to Adhar, which saved Rs 225 crore. Not only this, Ragubardas has alleged to the opposition that it is indulged in false propaganda.
Ragubardas accepted that 11 lakh ration cards had been cancelled, but 9 lakh ration cards have been issued. The government was intending that the subsidy should be transferred to the Adhar linked accounts. The lower officers have been suspended for the cancellation mistake.
The question is still stand: many people are who have no registered residence, and they are inland migrants to the place; they have no income sources so they or their parents were not able to build a home; they are daily wagers to the place. The question is here who will verify their addresses?
The girl’s death was by illness not by starvation. The man’s death was also by illness. He accepted that the man of Jhariya was poor and was ill since past one month.
He asserted that if the ration cards will be linked to Adhar, the government will save Rs 500 crore. He said Adam Schedule Tribes are still not linked with Adhar, and they are given 35 kg cereals every month by Dkiya Scheme.

Raghubar Das targeted congress. He said that congress rule in the country since past 60 years, why did not eliminated poverty here? Is the responsibility of this also of Modi government?

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