Decomposed body of 75 years old found in home after 45 days of death

Minakshi Reddy; Hyderbad
Rahul Sankrityayan had written in his book against slavery ‘Tumhari Chhay Ho’. he told Indian slavery that in ancient India, there were many  markets of selling slaves. The children of a family were sold someone else; mother some different other person; and father some different other. So the slaves were then not sure if they would meet again their family.
It is in trend that the parents afford their sons and daughters to get better education and go abroad in search of jobs; while they stay at their native land. The family children go to abroad, where they do not able to care their old age parents. Meanwhile their status isolates them their other close ones and relatives.
It was not less than a horrifying scene just seeing the body which was inside. A shocking news of an incident surfaced in Rock town area of Hyderabad. Here an old age body which was decaying till 45 days on insensibility of own family children was found. The family of this man was in USA leaving here them alone. When the deceased did not respond the calls, the family members reached to home.
Actually, Laxmi Narain Murti,75, was the resident of Sai Maruti Residency in Hyderabad. He had died 45 days ago after slipping in Washroom as a lizard came under his foot. His wife had gone to her two daughters based in America and the deceased was alone here in her absence.
The phone calls were not received till many days, wife and daughters began to care about their old husband and father. Both reached two days ago to Hyderabad. As they entered inside by breaking the door, his decomposed body was found.
According to policem, Laxmi Narain died about 18th August. It was his last when he did not respond to the wife and daughters’ call. Kashi Reddy, Inspector LB Nagar Hyderabad, told, “The old deceased was succumbed to his injury by the slipping in Washroom. A dead lizard was found near leg of Murthy."

He said, “He may have slipped as his foot impression was on the lizard and he got injury blow after colliding in his head from the wall."  

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