'Dumb march' protest against corruption and price hike

A different scene has been seen in the district Lakhimpur Kheri UP. A ‘Dumb March’ in protest against rising dearness and corruption was organised. Children and women were participant of March. Everybody’s mouths were wrapped with black bandage.
The women had to say that the dearness is rising – neither union government nor state is paying the attention for their voice; consequently it had better to be silent when the government is not paying attention to listen our voice. This dumb march has been passed to show the protest of government apathy toward the public.
The children were speaking that their study is on the stakes for this rising dearness. The buying books are difficult task because of sheer exploitation that is in the hand of schools. The 'dumb march' was organized by ‘Satya Bahumat Party.’ The party general secretary, Rekha Patel, said that the future of children is going to be ruined. There is extortion of money in the school book buying.
'Dumb march' became a new trend of protest by the wrapping black ribbon on mouths. It is expected that the government will hear these people so that they could be relieved by these daily problem.

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