Foreign tourists attacked in Agra; Foreign Minister condemns this barbaric act

Sushma Swaraj seeks report from UP government
Once again foreign tourists have been attacked in Fatehpur Sikari under district of Agra. The Swiss couple was targeted by Lathis thrash and then was stoned. The couple was wounded seriously after the attack. They have been admitted in Apollo hospital at Delhi.
Quinton Zermi Clark, resident of Luzerne Switzerland, had landed to visit India with his girl friend Merry Dross on September last month.
During this period they visited Agra. Some local youths began to follow them, as duos were wandering in Fatehpur Sikari this Sunday. These youths reached the railway station behind them. They tossed comments over them and subsequently, halting them on way, they asked for a Selfie in tenacity.
As Clark forbade youths doing so, the youths began to scuffle; and they attacked over the foreign tourists by Lathis.
Both of the couple was brutally beaten first, and later they were stoned. quinton’s head sustained injuries – they fell on the spot in profuse bleeding.
Merry, his girl-friend, also sustained injuries. The brutality over the Swiss tourists did not end here. The crowd was mere bystander there instead to help them and many of them kept on shooting the videos. Both of them were lying in wounded condition on roadside, but none helped them.
Anyhow they managed to reach the hotel and told the whole story to the officers. The Agra police registered the case and began to investigate the matter. Police has detained some people to quiz them about the incident. The 4 chief accused are being searched. The victim tourists have been admitted in Apollo hospital in Delhi.

Sushma Swaraj, Foreign Minister India, expressed her resentment over the matter and asked a report from UP Government.


Union Tourism Minister Alfons Kannthnam’s statements came after the statement: 'that India is insecure for foreign tourists'. He said on brutality over the Swiss couple in Fatehpur Sikari UP, “It’s a secure country for tourists; such an incident may happens in the years.”

Alfons Kannathnam has written a letter to Yogi Government to take prompt action about the manhandling incident. Police has claimed the arrest of 5 person in this incident.

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