Girl gang-raped and murdered in UP

Goons in UP stem up, and the government looks relaxed. Now the election is over in UP, and ‘Man Ki Baat’ for UP also ended. The statement of UP CM ‘we keep on chanting our beads, they rape and kill our daughters both are impossible simultaneously; we will act against them’ appears here unaffected.
In the murder case of 8th standard girl student of Shahjahanpur UP, a day before of pre-Diwali (on Tuesday last week) much astounding post mortem report has been surfaced.
According to the report, she was gang-raped first, her 'private part' sustained injury and her face had bore marks of tooth bitten.
The rapists’ age has been told above 30 years. It is a big question over police that the police was assuming it the mere murder case while they had seized the wine bottles from the spot. However, the kins of deceased girl had been asserting that she was raped brutally.
The incident is from Rauza area where a girl student of 8th standard was gang-raped and brutally murdered. The police was assuming it a murder, but the post mortem report unearthed most shocking news. The autopsy of the dead body was conducted by the three doctors of a panel. According to the doctors, much brutality was done with the girl. Many injury marks sustained on the ‘private part’ of body, which shows the gang-rape was done with the girl. The person may be more than 3 and their age may be above the 30 years.
The body had sustained tooth's marks on the face. A cut mark was found inside the lip of girl, which shows that the scream of girl was restrained resulted into lip cut. That accused identity had been reckoned by her, so they killed her. She was strangulated.
KB Sing, SP Shahjahanpur, said that he was present at the spot late evening after the incident had taken place. The police are investigating the case by the every angle. Some suspected persons are being questioned in the village.

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