Investigative agency and law are to accuse someone on terror -- not by any political leader: Ahmed Patel

The most intimate and trusted lieutenant to Sonia Gandhi, MP, Ahmed Patel has knocked the door of Home Ministry. Ahmad Patel has sought through a letter to HM a fair inquiry in the whole matter.
Ahmad Patel said in his letter that the matter is of national security so there must not be politics over such serious matter. Ahmad patel surrounded the Gujrat BJP government and claimed its allegation is baseless.
Ahmed Patel said to union home minister through the letter, "The Home Minister should order a probe in this matter through the concerning investigative agency, and the accused must be punished.".
Ahmed Patel has said that it is the duty of the investigative agency and the judiciary to accuse someone on terror -- not of any political leader who, having called a press conference, alleged for it.
The Gujarat Chief Minister, Vijay Rupani, had slapped serious allegation over Mr Ahmad Patel, a Congress leader, on Friday last week. Rupani alleged that the ATS had arrested, which IS terrorist, from the hospital that was protected by congress leader Ahmad Patel.
He had said this terrorist had been intending to execute a big incident in Ahmdabad. The suspected terrorist, Mohd Kasim, was working where (Bharooch hospital) is under Ahmad Patel’s controlling. However Congress has clarified it that Ahmad had resigned in 2014 from here. Ahmad Patel has dismissed the allegations.

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