Poverty stricken girl died in hunger; administration says it's death by illness

Went to get rice but I was told that no ration will be given to me. My daughter died saying 'Bhat-bhat'-Koyli Devi, girl's mother

Mithilesh Sinha; Ranchi
The photo shows the woman is not a migrant, and her looks is not the scene of a film directed by Satyajit Ray. The story is real and the incident has taken place in Jharkhand.
An 11 year old girl succumbed to her hunger in Simdega district of Jharkhand. The government of Raghubar Das is facing ebb of critcism since this incident took place. The causes behind this incident were told that the ration card had been disappeared somewhere; so the girl was not given food under PDS consequently she died in hunger.
The minister's eyes blinked late; and in defense, he condemned the laxity of officers. Mr Saryu Rai said that the chief secretary had ordered through the video conferencing to cancel the ration cards of those holders who had no 'ADHAR'. According to Indian Express, Saryu Rai said that he had appealed to his officers not to cancel for the non-linking of 'ADHAR' with the ration cards.
The chief minister, Raghubar Das, had ordered to DC of Simdega, Manjunath Bhajantri, to investigate the matter of child death by hunger. DC said on child’s hunger death that he had visited the village Kalimati where the mother of deceased girl, Koiri Devi, was not present, but the deceased girl’s elder mother, Tehri Nayak, told that Santoshi was telling the pain in body and head.
Dr Narayan Singh, RMP, had advised after her diagnosis that she had been suffering from Malaria. Aunt, Sumitee Devi had told that Santoshi was downed by fever since last 15 days. DC told that the conversation with the kin concluded that the girl died by illness, not by hunger.
Minister said the order of Chief Secretary is contempt of Supreme Court order. Since the apex Court had said in its order that the government cannot deprived anybody from the benefit of ration provided if  no ‘ADHAR’ they have. He has also said that he has not been reckoned in spite of being departmental minister.
11 years old Santoshi died while facing the poverty in the remote block, Jaldega under Simdega. Santoshi was the girl who belonged to very poor family; the poverty had pushed her into the cattle grazing, while she had to leave her study. she was given the evening food in lieu of goat grazing, but she was not going on her goat grazing work because of her illness, which resulted her of no food even the period of these evenings. The cereal was not given to her family since last 7 months. The ration dealer had lost her ration card; and consequently no further ration card was issued.

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