100 Children and their parents vow to voice against child violence; also pledge to send’em school

Human Right Monitoring committee held a Programme on  International Children Rights Day in Lucknow on Monday afternoon this week. On this occasion, a march was organised with the children who are the slum dwellers in Lucknow. The placards in the hands were displaying the juveniles discrimination.
Anshuman Singh, coordinator, said, “ The laws are here -- despite it, these children are the victim of violence.” He has said that they are neither safe in home, nor safe away from home. he added, “we, instead to know their feelings, try to repress their rights.”
Discrimination, violence, victimization, sexual exploitation and assault, children smuggling, child labouring, child marriage -- all criminal activities are affecting their pious future which is condemnable and a point of concern.
Madhuri Chauhan said on children protection, “Elders are aware of their rights. They know their social,economic, commercial rights. A little ripples in their rights they cannot tolerate and raise their voice against it; while the children rights are broken in routine.
Vineeta Tharu said, “ The parents claim for the child care; but, as they do the care, they seem that they are providing all the needful rights, which does not exist in practice."
She said, "The children are not aware of their rights in the constitution which have been conferred them. This needs a campaign under work mission to be carried out by the government. The guardians and the parents are awared about the children rights on 'International Children Rights Day'."

The practice of learning during the children's development plays important role. They make mistake which is a normal activity, but the punishment is a wrong step. They become unaware of the mistake; they must be upheld to do any work work with the better ways, but the violence against the children are against the rights of children, said Amit Ambedkar.

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