British Defence Minister resigns on moral ground

Michael Fallon, the British Defense Minister, has resigned from his post. An allegation of sexual exploitation has been capped over him. He has accepted this allegation.
According to media, Fallon, announcing his resignation, has tendered his letter to the Prime Minister, Theresa May.
He has narrated in this letter, “Many allegations against the MPs have been surfaced in the past few days. A few of them are about my past behavior. Many of them are wrong, but I accept that once I didn’t do behavior according my dignity. My behavior was below those standards which we have been implemented over our respected army and its leadership. Therefore I’m going to resign.”
It is noticeable that Fallon had accepted that he had touched his hand over Julia Hartley Brewer’s knee with the malevolent intent. He had apologized for it. However Brewer, herself, has surprised over Fallon’s resignation. It seems me that some more allegations are about to be come out. I have doubt that it’s a result of just my knee touch. And if it is true, it is mere a craziness. I think Fallon was better Defense Minister. I’m sad that the forward member of cabinet has been said good-bye in this way.
The sexual exploitation cases against the MPs and the ministers in Britain are constantly in limelight. Journalist Brewer has confirmed this report. After these reports, the British Prime Minister has emphasised to decide the code and conduct rules of MPs. he accepted Fallon’s resignation and replied: a thanks on ‘high ideology for general code’.

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