Death blamed starvation in UP too; senior woman dies

Bareilly is a western district of Uttar Pradesh where an old age woman died because of starvation this week. According to the report, the woman succumbed to her hunger. It is a wondering fact that the people are blaming the system failure in this incident.
This is the starvation death that has been reported in UP after the death of Santoshi from Jharkhand last month.
According to the information, the woman was down by illness since last 5 days. The husband of woman in this condition went to collect the ration from the government public distribution provision store. He was allegedly refused the ration. The shopkeeper refused to give the ration in the absence of woman. The shopkeeper said, “The ration shall be given after taking the fingerprint impression.”
It is alleged that the woman’s home began to face the food shortage for not being issued of ration; meanwhile the ill woman dies. The allegation is tossed that the starvation caused her death.
The victim woman’s family is very poor, as told here.

According to the SDM, the deceased woman was Antyoday card holder. He added the matter is being investigated. The new ration cards have been issued under Antyoday scheme which has provision of card holder to be head of senior woman in family. The beneficiaries of this scheme from public distribution shop have been added to the Adhar link.

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