Facebook, Twitter, Bing and Google are to show 'Trust Indicator' to fight fake news

Facebook, Google and Twitter like reputed companies have been attentive to prevent the propaganda of fake news through social media and internet. they have told that they are now the part of ‘The Trust Project’ against ‘Fake News’.
The operation of trust project has been started by the Sainta Clara University for applied ethics. It has intension of informing about the source of any news on social media. 75 thousand news agencies of America and European countries have supported this project. The American news website ‘theeconomist’ Washington Post, Mirror in Britain, German Press Agencies of Germany is in these said agencies.
According to the report, these agencies will show ‘the trust indicator’ in their news. As this indicator shall be clicked, the readers can be able to know the writer’s detail and source of news. The audience will be able even to know whatever they are reading is an advertisement, is a news, or is the opinion of the writer.
The renowned journalist, Sally Lehman, the director of Centre for Applied Ethics told on Thursday that GOOGLE, FACE  BOOK, Bing and Twiter have agreed upon over the use of indicators or trust indicators. Earliest 'Trust Indicator' will appear beside the 'writes-up' or the news to be uploaded on these platform.
America and Europe are facing heavy criticism for promoting ‘Fake News’. It is assumed that the Russian Agencies had published into the 'news feed and trading section of face book' such news during the American President Election which had played an important role in the winning of Donald Trump.
The matter then came more in limelight in the past days when the 3000 Russian advertisements related information was shared with the American Congress. Face Book has said that it has doubt that the Russian Internet Research Agency had used to maintain the atmosphere in the favour of President Trump’s election.

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