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Kin raises questions over Judge's death who was hearing Sohrabuddin encounter case
The kin on the sudden death of Justice Brij Gopal Loya have posed many questions breaking their silence after three years. Justice Loya, special CBI court, was hearing the Sohrabuddin encounter case.
Many names of higher officers of Gujarat government including Amit Shah were surfaced in this hot spot case.
The Carwan magazine published a report on Monday last week referring the talk with the kin of Brij Gopal Loya. The family has posed the question over the suspected circumstances of Loya’s death.
It is noticeable that Loya’s death had taken place in Nagpur on 1st December 2014.  The cause of death had been told 'heart attack'. He had participated in the marriage ceremony of his colleague, Swapna Joshi's daughter, in Nagpur.
The questions are as follows:
·         There is no clarification of Loya’s death time. According to the postmortem, the death's time has been registered 6:15 early morning of December 1, 2014; while his kin had been informed about the death message at 5 o’clock early morning on December 1, 2014.
·         Loya died in a heart attack as kin was told; while his kin found blood stains on the clothes
·         According to Loya’s father, Loya’s head sustained injury.
·         Loya’s phone was returned to his family after many days, which had been reformatted.
·         It is noticeable that Loya who was stayed in Nagpur Ravi Bhawan was rushed to hospital on Auto rickshaw after a heart attack in night. His sister asked, talking to the reporter, whether, despite being so many VIP’s halt arrangement in Ravi Bhawan that night, there were no vehicle parking which could have rushed him to hospital?
·         Even she asked this question, if the nearest auto stand from the Ravi Bhawan is two kilometer away, how the auto rickshaw was managed that night?
·         The question has been posed over a RSS volunteer, Ishwar Baheti. This volunteer had informed the kin about carrying the dead body to the paternal home after the death. Loya’s cellphone too was returned by Baheti.
·         Every page of post mortem report has been signed below of which shows relation with the deceased in Marathi – cousin! While the family says no such man is in family.
·         If the death cause has been told natural, why was the need of postmortem?
More over there is no filled Panchnama after the post mortem
Exactly after 29 days of Loya’s death, judge who took over the court acquitted Amit Shah from this case without hearing. The 11 other higher officers of Gujrat cadre in this case have been acquitted till now.
It is noticeable that the CBI which is the chief investigating agency in this case on the directives of SC has not yet appealed against this decision.
Earlier when the apex court had ordered to investigate this case, it had evidently said -- 'first, the case must be heard away from Gujrat; second, one judge will hear this case from beginning up to end; but the second of the conditions was contempt'. The beginning of the case was in the hand of Jeti Utpat, but he himself withdrew from this case suddenly.
6 June 2014 judge Utpat reprimanded Amitshah for not present in this case and ordered him to appear in the case hearing on next date 26th June; but he was transferred to Pune session court on 25th June 2014.
Brij Gopal Loya took charge of this case who posed many questions for not appearing of Amit Shah. He confirmed the date of hearing this case on 15th December 2014, but he died on 1st of December 2014.
The case is now in hand of MV Gosavi who acquitted Amit Shah from this case in December end 2014 and said that there was no evidence against Amit Shah.

The Carwan report had included mere Loya sisters’ statement. According to the Loya’s wife Sharmila and son Anuj refused to talk with the reporter because of risk on their lives lurk.

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