The scientists have assumed the year 2018 may be the year of earthquake. According to Forbes report, this may be because of that event which reduce the rotatory speed of our earth for a while and restores its uniform motion. The scientists tell that the common people cannot feel it, but its consequences occurs in the glimpse of devastating quake.
The geophysicists are able to measure the milliseconds change in the motion of earth. Now they assume that this retardation in the motion is a big cause of intense earthquake after a certain interval.
A researcher’s team of geophysicists analyzed every earthquake which was intense more than 7 on Recter scale since 1900. They found in study that after interval of every 32 years had been growing in the number of earthquake in the world. This fact wondered them. They deeply investigated it and then they found in the record the growths of earthquakes were during the period when the earth’s rotatory motion had got slow speed. They found that this slow in speed was recorded every 25-30 years after, and recorded earthquake exactly after this event.

The last slow speed of earth in the past had been recorded and the numbers of quake came in the ending or 5th year. The year 2017 is the 4th year of this retardation and this prediction has been assumed that the year 2018th may increase the numbers in earthquake.

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