Union Government tightened rope on profiteering; GST benefits must be in access of people

That it is absolutely right felt, 'the government is slashing the rate of GST on many goods and the benefits of it is not accessing up to you'.
The government has also taken it in cognizance after several complaint that the companies are not providing the benefits of GST up to customers, and which is resulting of high rates on goods despite the slashing in tax rates. The government is now going to tight the profiteers behind the GST.
The Union government has approved to constitute an Anti-profiteering Authority on Thursday this week. There will be experts immediately in this group—namely, a chairman and technical members. This government authority will monitor those persons who are usurping the benefits of GST and evading giving its benefits to the customers. The authority will take action against such activities.
The slashed rates on GST have been implemented on many goods 15th November.
The Union Minister, Ravi Shankar Prasad, said that the government cutting the rate on GST has freed various commodities from the purview of 28% GST and brought it into 5%. The provision has been implemented over the use of common people. The government has signaled by this step that it will keep its promise to make this benefits accessing to the common men.
Incase people felt that the benefits of GST are not being availed; they shall be able to complain to Anti Profiteering Authority. NAA will have an officer in secretary rank for the post of chief, and it will also have four technical members who may be from centre or of state. There will be a standing committee and a screening committee in the states.
If the customers feel that the benefits of GST are not being availed, they can complain it to its state screening committee; but the profiteering case should be in such manner that may have affected to the many people or it may affect the country. this can be complaint to standing committee. The investigation of grievance shall be done by the Director General of Safeguard under CBEC and will submit it to NAA which will take proper action.

If the complaint is found correct by NAA, it can order to reduce the rate; and incase NAA contemplates the matter serious, it can impose the fines. the registration of GST can be cancelled in the most serious type matters.

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