CDO Shahjahanpur exposed scam worth Rs 1.25 crore

Street and solar light scam worth Rs.1.25 crore has been surfaced in 78 villages of Shahjahanpur in UP. CDO Shahjahanpur has exposed this scam. According to the report, the collusion between the village heads and village development officers executed this scam. However the recoveries of the purchased light stuff worth Rs 1.25 crore have begun taken in action; and together the notice for this purpose have been issued to the village-heads and the secretaries.
Recently in the month of October,  Sanjeev Singh, CDO, had said that some bungling in the  home allocation under Pradhan Mantri Gram VIkas Yojna was seen prima facie which were sanctioned for    the 9678 poor villagers beneficiaries in this district had been given. This project had the directives of government to grant the fund of Rs one lakh twenty thousand to each beneficiary, but it has been reported that the village heads had taken the hefty graft money first to get the beneficiaries fund under this scheme. The inquiry for this misappropriation of fund is going on.
The cost for the street light has been paid Rs 5440 for Banda and Khutar villages, while the market price is Rs 1000 each. The cost for the solar light has been paid Rs 22000 each while its market price is Rs 10000 each. 78 villages of these two blocks were supplied the Solar lights system. The money was shiphoned off with the collusion of the village heads and the village secretaries who executed the purchasing order violating the rules. Single firm of the area had supplied these lights stuff.
When the complaint came, the scam truth surfaced after the constituted five members committee investigated the case. CDO has taken stern action against the accused and issued orders to recover the money siphoned off. The village heads and the secretaries have also been issued notices. The orders have created panic among the 78 villages.
In the wake of this scam, the CDO has ordered to set up the inquiry into the other areas of this district to assess the scam.

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