Demonetization declined jobs opportunities of MBA degree holders: Assocham

B-Category Business Schools in India are on verge of close; 250 of them have been locked

The Associate Chamber of Commerce India is going to release a report over the business school of B-Category in country which says that the GST and the demonetization have undeserved the placement  record of these schools.
20% of alumni who possess the MBA degrees of these schools are not getting the placements.
The businessmen and the industrialists are showing their no interest towards the establishing of new units or new business; the cause behind this apathy is told the demonetization. There are employment crises in the market for this reason. 30% degree holders were able to get the placements, but since November 8, 2016, the placement has recorded declining.
The salary packages which were offered after completing the management and the engineering degrees have been decreased from 40 to 45% in comparison of last year.

All India technical education board (AICTE) stats exhibits that more than 50% of MBA degree holders are yet not get the jobs during the education session 2016-17.

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