Drowning of Indian girl at Australian beach is mere accident or a laxity of care taking

A member of Indian Women Football Team died when drowned in water Australian beach.  Is it to be seen mere an accident?
Whether it is a sudden occurred accident on which, expressing a grief, let it be said, 'to be careful in future'? Or what had happened there is correct let it be assumed??
It is noticeable that a few children(teenage girls) under-18 Pacific School Games Championship held in city Adelaide Australia were on beach wandering at Glenelg.
5 Indian children were very close to sea water and a sudden surge of wave came at seashore; then it ebbed and took them all in. As soon the people could understand, 5 of them were drowning. It was a narrow escape when divers rescued 4 children(girls) there, but one of them drowned and her body was recovered next day. Another teenage girl’s condition has been reported to be serious.
The question is here: when 4000 children had been invited from different countries in the Pacific School Games, who were responsible for their care taking, security and monitoring?
A crew of 120 players from India had gone to Adelaide for this purpose.
This can be well contemplated of official laxity that they were handed over the responsibility of all the children; but they were busy to wander with his family somewhere else in Australia
Now the question is here which rules confer the officers to allow them to take their families with these children in the school sports championship.
If the officers had performed their duties to care these children instead of wandering, there would not have died a baby and other children  also would not have been in danger.
It is stunning that two boys had drowned in the year 2016 during the New Year celebration at Glenelg. It was not first incident there during Pacific School Games.
Indian Girls Hockey Team which had gone in Australia earlier reported many inconvenience there.
If the players' complaint was that of edible food and that of taxi for taking them to the field had not been arranged; this can be well understood that the organizers were how much sensible for the participants
An important fact is that Pacific School Games had been organized with the joint work of Australian government and Australian Schools Sports while the Federation of International School Sports had not given recognition to these sports.
The question is here if the 4000 children from different countries had been participated, which agencies had them allowed to send there. If any agency had them carried there, that agency cannot ignore its responsibility from the security of these children; consequently the responsibility should be fixed to that agency. 

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