if accused are acquitted from 2G and CWG; why so uproar was maintained over these…?

Former Telecom Minister A Raja and Upper House MP Kanimojhi including 17 more accused in the matter of 2G Scam have been acquitted from the Court. On Thursday special court, hearing this case, has given its decision.  In this matter 14 people including 3 companies--Reliance Telecom, Swan Teleco and Unitech have been accused.
Justice OP Saini, Special Court, acquitting the accused, has commented that the prosecution side was not serious about to prove this case. Mass people on social media have targeted the CBI agency on this basis. Kumar Vishwas, leader of AAP, has posted a taunt over Face Book that 'TOTE NE ULLU BANA DIYA' (a Parrot fooled us)! TV journalist has twitted that, after the astounding decision of 2G scam case, I am confident strongly now that the CBI is third class agency. It does appreciable work on politically biased cases. It works cheap in the investigation of financial matters.
As soon the court announced its decision, the Congress party has said it’s our moral win and the Congress supporters have shared this news with confidence over social media. Cartoonist Manjul has twitted over such reactions of Congress and its supporter that instead of taking attention over the lapse in the judicial system, the people are celebrating the scandlers' acquittal. Oh God! Thou art mere master of this Country.

BJP in 2014 election had voiced up this matter and it is assumed that the party got much political benefit. Many people on social media through this decision has inquired the Union Government and BJP.. Anuranjan Jha has pinched, ‘The person who were jailed in tenure of most corrupt Government have been acquitted in the honest Government.’ Senior Journalist MK Venu has posed a question over twitter, ‘The special Court CBI has said that 2G accused are being acquitted in the lack of evidence. Was the 2G case intention just to bring the BJP government in power and to save all the involved capitalists from the case?

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