Judicial Corruption and Democracy: Rihai Manch organised Symposium

 A conference on ‘Judicial Corruption and Democracy’ was held by Rihai Manch in Press Club Lucknow on the occasion of its 10 years campaign against the imprisoned innocents on the name of terrorism this Saturday last week.
Mr Prashant Bhushan, senior advocate Supreme Court India, addressed here said that Modi government is hell-bent to weaken every legal organization.
The fear and panic is being created surrounding in the society, which was even not during the emergency.
The democracy was in danger during emergency period, but the civilization is in danger during the tenure of this government.
The murderers’ gangs under the tacit acceptance of government are wandering freely who are not only murdering ruthlessly, but they are also releasing video of which likes are constantly increasing among humanity.
The social media is being used for the crime and Modi get his photograph shooting with the operatives of such crime. Such appreciation of murderers was seldom or never seen in our civilization.
Whether it is judiciary or investigative agency – all are being tried to be made henchmen. Many are now disciples and some of them are going to be baptized.

The man who is named in Sahara and Birla case has been appointed CVC member; another of them is that who has faced the allegation of leaking the secret report of a bank officer. Both of them are the men of Modi and Shah.
We are well familiar in Rakesh Meena matter how he was brought in CBI in spite of many objections. The head of election commission has been chief secretary of Gujarat government.
 The Modi government has appointed chairman its close man to the petroleum department in Gujarat and licensed to its close companies to fetch the petroleum gas in which the money of general public was siphoned off. The scam was worth Rs 20 thousand crore. The important clue is that there was no gas found in this work.
The apex court had ordered V-pad on EVM 10 years ago. Now election commission accepts merely that it will check V-pad of one assembly constituency. The companies which have been given the tender to make chips are alleged that all those are linked with the BJP. These situations create suspicion. Now the Supreme Court itself denying to order over it.
The apex court in the constitution is not an organization to resolve the dispute between two parties merely, but it has the responsibility to protect the fundamental rights. If the government is not performing over its responsibility, the judiciary takes cognizance; but the judiciary intents to get rid of responsibility today. A few judges’ concept are that they are free to do what they think fit.
The freedom means to judiciary is its freedom from the government so that to monitor over them. If the corruption is not prevented in the judiciary, the freedom of judiciary will be ruined.
Mr Bhushan said that the judicial corruption in the matter of Prasad Educational Trust (Medical College) could be understood. The matter is in public domain. The judges of apex court are involved in this case  in which three crore Rupees had been demanded for the favourable order. Rs of 2 crore were seized in this matter during the raid. The case shows the involvement of CJI in CBI FIR. If the CBI investigates this case, it can blackmail CJI what has begun to emerge.
We went to Supreme Court in this matter and requested the SIT inquiry. At the hour, chief justice was on court. He constituted bench and he himself was chairman, three of the five were those whose involvement had been contemplated in this case.
Our petition was dismissed and we were fined Rs 25 lakh. The question is here whether Supreme Court desires:  the judges’ involvement should be investigated by the CBI. What is the problem if the judges should be investigated in this case in the monitoring of judges? How much neutral are the HCs and the SC can be understood. The government wants dishonest judges so that it can blackmail them.
There should be an independent inquiry commission to redress the complaints against the judges.
There has been grown the cases in numbers to misuse the contempt of court. The judges have assumed themselves a king.
They don’t understand to reply of any question inevitable. There is big corruption among the judiciary, but there is no way of solution to relieve from it.
Early days instead of knowing law it was important before the appointment of judges to be acquainted with the law minister, but there must be acquaintance today with the CJI. Now he can select anyone. There is no transparency in the appointment. We have been demanding the judicial commission always from government.
Prashant Bhusan said that our judicial system could not give the justice to the 1% people of country. The law commission report is waiting for the past 25 years. The government is not interested there to be overhauled in the judicial system. The retired judge is accumulating the money in crore now. This ploy shall not be eliminated till there is brought a judicial reform. The public can change it. There is need of an agitation for this purpose.

Mohd Shueb, advocate, Chairman Rihai Manch, said that the judicial corruption has the correlation with the political corruption, so the people voice rising against the political corruption shall have to speak against the judicial corruption. Both are working to save each other. This is the reason why Rihai Manch fights in the court and on the road for the question of people being trapped in the name of terrorism. 

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