Mansarovar gruesome murder mystery solved; five arrested

 Delhi police has claimed that the sensational murder mystery of Mansarovar Park New Delhi solved. Police has arrested five persons in this connection. The police has said that the son and the son-in-law of security guard of this family are said allegedly to have involved executing these murders.
4 women of a family and one security guard were killed this year on October 7.The sharp edge knives were used to execute these murders and the bore marks of stabbing were on their bodies.
Police got information and reached the spot. In the prima facie investigation revealed that the bodies of four women were lying inside home and guard’s body was near the door. Police had taken the help of crime branch and forensic experts on the spot. The whole area was sealed. Police began its investigation; found broken cupboard; however the jewelries which they had worn were intact.
According to police, the 7 brothers are in Jindal family. Police were then investigating the case on property dispute in the family. All the deceased were of same family – one of them mother and three were daughters.
The Jindal family had suspicion that the white washing workers who were on there since past 15 days might have executed that incident.
 The family members had told, “There were no family disputes over the property.”
Now the crime branch of Delhi police has solved this case. The 5 persons have been arrested. The stunning facts are that the accused are of the deceased security guard’s family.
According to Alok Kumar, joint commissioner crime branch of Delhi, “Security guard, Rakesh, had gone to his home Bagpat during Rakshabandhan and he hatched the loot conspiracy there with his family. During the halt in Baghpat he had informed the stashed hefty cash and the jewelries in Jindal house to his son and the son-in-law."
Rakesh then abetted both to execute the loot. The son, Anuj, and the son-in-law, Vikas with the five others had hatched to execute it on 6th October 2017.
Both gathered with the 5 others that night at Loni area in Delhi and then they all boarded on two separate Auto reached to Jindal Oil Mill. The security guard had got the 7 accused trespassed into the home; then deceased Rakesh called a woman in family for out. As soon the woman of family opening the door came out, Vikas and Anuj escorted the woman toward inside the room and murdered 4 women of a family.
The accused killers of four women decamped with the booty from the spot; but the question is still here why they killed the security guard, Rakesh; while he was the mastermind of this incident.
Actually Anuj, son and Vikas, son-in-law both were afraid of that Rakesh had confessed before the police when this gruesome murder case would have surfaced in public. This confused both for committing Rakesh's murder.
7 of them, after murdering five, reached to the park near GTB hospital where they divided their shares of the money and jewelries. None could doubt over these men, so they resumed their normal duty in the morning...

5 of the seven accused have been arrested so far; namely, Anuj, Vikas, paternal aunt’s son, Sunny, Vicky and Neeraj. other two are still absconded.

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