Strict comment of HC Allahabad on bureaucrats of country: Janhit Guarantee Adhiniyam-2011 yet to be implemented

High Court of Allahabad has said hard comment on bureaucrats. Court has said that the government officials (bureaucrats) are deceiving the country since last 70 years.
According to Hindustan Times SP Kesarwani J., hearing a case which is before the court for the past 19 years, has said so. He, condemning the bureaucrats for the delaying to commence 'UP Janhit Guarantee Adhiniyam 2011', said, “The laws to control the corruption are formulated knowingly complicated so that the corrupt officers responsibility could not be fixed.”
Kesarwani J. said on the matter in the court, “A person wants to get the income certificate. The work must be within two days, according to rules. If the filed application is remained unconsidered within two days, it is become itself cancel. There is provision to first appeal against on not being issued the desired certificate. If the plaintiff is not satisfied, he or she can file second appeal; consequently the insensitive officer can be punished by fines. But the appellate officers should have been appointed in every department to take such action. Still even after abiding six years of Janhit Guarantee Adhiniyam 2011 let it has not been yet possible; unlike it the rules for this purpose have been made too tough to be exercised. Now there is no way to applicant except to pay graft to get affirmative result of certificate.”

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