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Friday, January 26, 2018

J&K republic day celebration; national flag hoisted despite threatening

By on Friday, January 26, 2018
Sher-e-Kasmir stadium where the courage of schools students were seen when the whole country was celebrating its 69th republic day festival on Friday this week, Mr Abu Rahman Viri, minister of state, hoisted the national flag including school children here.
Actually, the terrorist organization had announced a threatening in the valley to the people not to participate in the republic day programme. Despite it these school children were the participants on this occasion. The children took part in many cultural programme.

It is noticeable that the republic day has been celebrated countrywide under high security. J&K always remains on the terrorist target; and in the wake of it, here had been beefed up high alert security. There was tight security in the J&K on this occasion. There have been deployed the security forces on every corner in the sensitive places. The suspected activities are in the vigil.

On this occasion, a spectacular parade was taken over Rajpath in Delhi at national capital. India showed its power to the world through the parade. The parade began with the ASEAN squads. The tanks, weapons, army and many others glimpse were behind this parade. The heads of ASEAN countries were the chief guests in this republic day. PM MODI welcomed these heads of the countries.

DAV PG College Lucknow organised annual programme Abhvyakti 2017

By on Friday, January 26, 2018

THREE days its traditional annual programe 'Abhivyakti 2017' was organized at DAV PG College Lucknow in its premises this week. The programe is based on the show of skill and development earned among students of inter-postgraduate colleges.
The students of various post graduate colleges were the participants in this programme and won many prizes by their excellent performances at the stage ‘Abhivyakti’. Characteristically the judges’ panel of DAV PG College is reputed for taking their unbiased decision, so the participants in high numbers were seen to be enlisted here enthusiastically.
Mr KK Pandey greeting Vice Chancellor University of Lucknow Prof SP Singh during Abhivyakti-2017 

The cultural programme was inaugurated by Prof. SP Singh, vice chancellor university of Lucknow. The cultural programme was inaugurated by Prof. SP Singh, vice chancellor university of Lucknow. He said in his inaugural speech, “development of any degree college depends upon three factors: 'academically active managing committee, the dedicated principal and teachers, and the motivated students'.”
He added, “The development by the infrastructure of any institution is not mere result of a day. Its conceptual paradigm activates first to the mind of leadership and then it projected as a plan. The development grows in the character base atmosphere, not by infrastructure; only teachers are the producer of this creation; the teachers are the producers of culture and the generation where their duties are superior to the output of any industry. So the postgraduate colleges are a family and a part of our university. The development of postgraduate colleges is the development of university in true meaning.”

     On this occasion Mr Nilkanth Tiwari, State Minister Uttar Pradesh, was present as a chief guest of this function and addressed to the students and the guests. He said, "The annual function of PG College is the mirror of the activities of that PG College. India is the country of youths and these have to make new India. in any model of government there must have a scheme for all groups, which is being ensured by our PM Narendra Modi."

Eventually Mr KK Pandey pays gratitude to all the teachers, guests, students, managing committee and participants.

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Karnisena is in action; sabotage and violence reported before release of Padmavat

By on Thursday, January 25, 2018

A Bollywood movie, Padmavat, is in a big controversy. The countrywide protest against this movie after the permission of government to release it is continued.
A Karnisena targeted school bus in its sabotage action. The school children anyhow saved themselves hiding under the bus seat when the protesters began to stone pelting over the bus.
Rahul Gandhi, Cong president, in his tweet says: in no condition, the violence over the children shall be dubbed correct. It’s a weapon of weak person. BJP is using the violence and hatred to ignite the country.
The Union Minister, Suresh Prabhu, said sternly from Davos, Switzerland, “ Modi government shall not tolerate the attack of Karnisena on women and children.” The incident took place in Gurugram, Haryana on Wednesday this week.
A government bus has also been set on blaze.

The SC reprimanded on hearing the issue of law and order situation and has said on Tuesday that it is the responsibility of state government to maintain the law and order. The burden of law and order must bear the state government by its responsibility. Court added that the state government could not appreciate the few groups which support the violence. Some groups are threatening constantly of violence by appeal to stop the release of this movie. Censor board has done its duty. Court said that we are not historian and this movie does not say any such claim that it is based on history.

Saturday, January 20, 2018

CJI Dipak Misra bench shall hear cases linked to Justice Loya’s death

By on Saturday, January 20, 2018
The CJI SC, Deepak Mishra’s chaired bench shall hear the writ petitions linked to the death of CBI special Judge, Brijgopal Harkishan Loya. Justice MM Khanvilkar and Justice DY Chandchud shall be with CJI in this hearing. The hearing is to take place on Monday next week on the writ petition by Tahsin Poonawala and a journalist from Maharastra, BK Lone.
The hearing was pending before the bench of justice MM Shantanagaudar and justice Arun Mishra so far. The court had asked Maharastra government to submit the postmortem report of BH Loya and had directed to show all the related documents to the petitioners. However, the court, together, had also recommended this case to be heard at the proper Bench.
It is assumed that the matter linked to the investigation of Justice BH Loya’s death was entrusted to the bench of Justice Arun Mishra that was the main cause of call an unprecedented press conference by the four SC judges.
The four judges were: Chelameshwar, Rajan Gogoi, MB Lokur and Kuriyan Joseph. These judges had posed the question over the system of assigning the case of hearing to the Supreme Court benches by the CJI. However, judges had not mentioned any particular case, but when the journalist asked about the case of Justice Loya’s death, Justice Ranjan Gogoi had said in his tacit acceptance, yes.

On December 1st, 2014, Justice BH Loya, special judge to the CBI court, died in mysterious circumstances. He was hearing Sohrabbuddin fake encounter case of Gujarat. The present national president of BJP, Amit Shah and other police officers of state were accused in this case.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Capable India and Youth Day Festival celebrated in DAV PG college Lucknow

By on Tuesday, January 16, 2018
Capable India and Youth Day Festival’ was organised at DAV PG College Lucknow on Tuesday this week on the occasion of birth anniversary of Swami Vivekananda.
The programme by wreathe to the statues of mother Saraswati and Swami Vivekanand was inaugurated by the college principal, Mr KK Pandey,Mr Narendra Ji, Ashivini Ji and Manmohan Tiwari and other colleagues with the students. The guests lit the lamp of knowledge before the deity and Swamiji.
Many guests from RSS Lucknow and from DAV PG College were present here. The conch sound and hymn preaching by Anurag Bajpai began this program. The conch sound and hymn preaching by Anurag Bajpai began this program. The chief guest, Narendra Ji, RSS co-ordinator, told Swami ji was a super great man of this era.
The chief speaker of the programme, Ashivani Ji, organiser (Vivekanand Kendra Kannia Kumari, Lucknow Branch) addressed here and he told about Swami Vivekanad’s battle, character and ideal of life that is a way to motivate and guide to the youths.
College Manager, Mr Manmohan Tiwari, called the students to follow the path which Swami Vivekanand and Swami Dayanand Saraswati had achieved by their penance and bestowed on society.
The programme was ended by KK Pandey paying gratitude to the programme organiser Dr Ajit Priyadarsi and Dr Durgesh Kumar and to the anchoring of Dr Anjani Mishr.

Friday, January 12, 2018

Apex Judiciary's bickering reach to public; four senior SC judges take on CJI at press conference

By on Friday, January 12, 2018
It is first ever day in Indian history when the four Supreme Court senior judges come before the media. It shows that something is not going well among Apex judiciary of India.
J. Chelmeshwar has said in a press conference that everything in the administration of apex court is not going well, if it so kept, the democratic situations shall not be good. He said that we talked with the CJI on this issue, but he didn’t heed over our talk.
They publicized the letter they had written to the CJI, Deepak Mishra. The points which they had mentioned are as follows.
It is true that the CJI has rights to make roster of cases. However the power has been conferred to run the working and to maintain the discipline in SC. It does not delegate him the power of senior authority. The CJI cannot gauge himself higher than their colleagues. According the constitution, CJI is first in file than other judges, but he is neither higher nor lower than any judges.
This fundamental rule was not complied recently, they alleged. Many important cases which could affected to the country and judiciary system itself in long term have been given to the loving benches; however it was expected that the cases should have been allocated under logical way.
Justice Chelmeshwar and other judges have mentioned in their letter that they are not giving more details in this reference because it may get the apex court more tarnish; however this behavior has already hurt to a little extent to the dignity of Supreme Court.
Justice Chelmeshwar and other three judges have mentioned in his letter about RP Luthra’s case. All four judges have demanded that it is essential that there must have no more delay to finalize the memorandum of procedure.
The judges through this demand have attracted the attention of that serious concern of which the posts in high courts are lying vacant. the high court and supreme court had issued notice  to the Union Government on 27 Oct 2017 for delaying in memorandum of procedure for the appointment of judges in HC and SC.
Luthara had challenged in high court for the appointment of judges in HC and SC without MOP. He had again filed an application in Supreme Court after the dismissal of writ petition in High Court. Supreme Court and the Union Government both are trying to finalize the MOP since last year.
Judges posed the question that when the case, Supreme Court Advocate (on record association) and others Vs Union of India(2016), was dealt with constitutional bench, how could the right of dealing by other bench in Luthara matter have been assigned?
Four judges including Justice Chelmeshwar have said in their letter to CJI Deepak Mishra that when he shall let deal enough with the linked subjects of Luthara case, the other cases’ disposed earlier by the court, on the need, shall be informed.
Justice Chelmeshwar and other judges in their letter have mentioned about retired justice Karnan who, after 6 months imprisonment in the case contempt of Supreme Court, was released.
Justice J Chelameshwar and Justice Rajan Gogoi had said in their separate judgments on 4th July 2017: “Whatever the problem has created, he opines that the selection procedure is adopted in the judges' appointment for the constitutional court should be again reviewed. There must be brought in consideration other lawful option to deal with such matter besides impeachment.”

The judges have demanded through their letter that Chief justice Deepak Mishra’s duty is to take action in these matter and whatever the mistakes were done earlier should be correct; talk with other judges in collegiums and on the need he can take the advise with other friendly judges and take corrective actions in these matter.

11 illfate deaths are natural: Barabanki Administration

By on Friday, January 12, 2018
Public says it 'Deaths after Consuming Spurious Liquor ' 
Mohd Ather;Barabanki
After the intervention of government, the district administration is in pressure over the 11 ill fate deaths under Ram Nagar and Deva police stations in Barabanki, 30 kilometer away from state capital of Uttar Pradesh this week.
The hierarchy of district Administration in hurry called a press conference and gave their statement before the media. The trio’s statement were differ which reveals that the matter was to mollify and save the accused. The officers of district administration failed to give satisfactory reply to media in mutual confusion in their statements.
Akhilesh Tiwari, district magistrate, told here that 8 deaths were natural, 3 of them were consuming of denatured spirits and 3 more were under treatment in hospital.
The statement of DM, “One is in my cognizance where he is being treated and remaining other two's whereabouts could not be located.”
The venue of treatment of one was in official record and remaining two were not confirmed to the officer.
The administration says claiming it natural deaths that Kamlesh and Ramphal Gautam both were irrigating in the potatoes fields where they got ill and they died on the spot while another man, Navmi Lal died in cardiac arrest.
The district administration proved anyway its innocence in the matter of all these unfortunate deaths. It is clear that the cold wave in North India has gripped and some spurious liquid was consumed by all these victims which caused the deaths. The district administration is telling an orchestrated story before the media to escape from its responsibility.
Now that the question is here how it is possible that the whole North India and the district are in grip of cold wave; and 11 people die naturally in an identical way under the area of two police stations of 22 in the district is stunning.
The district administration is not assuming it was deaths of consuming the spurious liquor; then how they faced the deaths in such condition?

SP Barabanki says that the death cause is not clear in the postmortem report and their viscera has been protected and the death cause shall be clear after the report receives here. The CMO says that, assuming Madan Lal, Spirits seller, an accused for the death cause, his license is being reviewed.  Whether the license is of liquor or of Spirits is issued by Abkari Adhikari who was not in the PC.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Whether PM is going to announce vacancies for employment? as he had promised...

By on Wednesday, January 10, 2018
The Union Government bearing in mind of next parliamentary election 2019 is going ahead carefully. However, PM Modi will have to work on the promise he did in last parliamentary election 2014.
The chief of present government, Narendra Modi, had promised in the manifesto of parliamentary election 2014 that one crore employments, Ram Mandir in Ayodhya, removal of Article 370 in J&K, 50% more on input cost to farmers and equal citizen code – all had to be completed during the tenure of government.
 The bigger problem is now the employment and the Modi government has still done nothing much better.
Modi government’s starting three years tenure recorded a decline in giving the jobs if we see the stats of labourcess bureau. During the year 2013, employments 419000; 2014, 421000 and in 2015, 135000 vacancies were advertised for employments. According to the labourcess bureau survey, the rise in unemployment rate was recorded high. Now it is on the verge of top during the 5 years. The survey reports says, the rate of unemployment had been in year 2014, 4.7%; in 2015, 4.9% and in 2016, it was 5%.
The budget is to be submitted in parliament in the month of February, which will be a golden chance to government through that it, by giving the jobs to the youths, can fill the void and can achieve the supportive hands of majority people in the Parliamentary Election 2019. The economists expect that the government is to announce for the jobs in the general budget 2018-19.

The employment was that bigger problem in Gujarat, which weakened PM Modi’s Gujarat model and consequently the government won mere 99 seats of assembly lowest ever. The rural areas seats were less than congress, which concludes that the youths of rural in Gujarat who faced shortage of employment were in big fiasco and the election results were not on hope.

Monday, January 08, 2018

Journalists cadre is in bitterness on FIR against newspaper and its journalist

By on Monday, January 08, 2018
Chandigarh Press Club has dubbed the FIR a stubborn and attack on 4th pillar of democracy, which has been registered against the journalist who is working to  English daily 'The Tribune' published from Chandigarh.
Jaswant Rana, the chief of Chandigarh Press Club, has told to media that the journalist in Chandigarh will protest against the government decision on Monday, proceed in a human chain towards the governor house and entrust to Governor a memorandum.
Jaswant Singh has said that the government, instead of taking action against the accused, is targeting the journalists. The governing council of Press Club has condemned the decision of government.
Amarjeet Thind, the bureau chief, has said the government action is just like a ‘shooting of messenger’ and the whole journalist family is stand with and condemning it. He has added that the tribune group is with the news published on 3rd January.
It is noticeable that the tribune, English daily, had published a news in its issue of 3rd January, claiming that the AADHAR data on WhatsApp is being sold for a few rupees by some unidentified person, which proves that the AADHAR data is unprotected right now.
The local UDAI office situated at Chandigarh taking cognizance of this news has complaint to the Punjab police. HS Maan, director cyber cell, has confirmed the complaint and said that the matter is being investigated.
However the Delhi police have registered the complaint against the accused journalists under section (IPC) 419,420,468,471, IT act, 66, and AADHAR act, 36 and 37 on the base of complaint given to police by the AADHAR headquarter situated at Delhi.
The UDAI has issued a clarification on its FIR against the journalist over the AADHAR data leak news.  On matter of AADHAR information leak easily, an FIR has been registered against 'The Tribune' and its reporter, Rachna Kheda.
Unique Identification Authority of India has said that the situation is being so created as that the action step has been taken against the whistle-blower. UDAI has said that it is incorrect that they have adopted the policy of ‘Shooting the Messenger’.
Even if the leak in this case may have not been taken place, the UDAI takes to every offence very seriously. The criminal proceeding in this matter has been begun under the unofficial attempt to leak the information.
UDAI added that it has a confidence in freedom of media. The reporter guild of India had condemned the FIR on reporter in this matter.
UDAI says that an FIR is inevitable to get registered for a crime. You do have to provide all the information and the names involved in this case have to tell here.
It is meaningless that someone is in FIR is understood to be a criminal. The criminal charges in this case are to be framed after the investigation and then trial.
 ‘It was bogus’ had said UDAI when the report published in ‘The Tribune’.UDAI has asked the questions from ‘The Tribune’.

“Whether your reporter had cross checked pupil of the eye and finger prints of any body or achieved it? How many AADHAR numbers the journalist had taken and whose AADHAR numbers that were?”, UDAI asked.

Sunday, January 07, 2018

70 people die in UP; no relief next 10 days: weather forecast

By on Sunday, January 07, 2018

70 people have died in grip of severe cold in different parts of Uttar Pradesh within last 24 hours so far. The lowest temperature recorded in the state capital early on Saturday morning this week. 
The death toll rises to 70 and most homeless and poor succumbed to this cold wave in the state within last 24 hours. This exposes the lapse in providing relief within time to the needy people. There is shortage in shelter homes for night halt. None are in position to release any official statement.
22 people in the Eastern UP; Bareilly division three; Allahabad division 11 and in Bundelkhand division 28 -- the death toll rises to 70 in grip of severe cold.
 Ram Kishore Rawat, 40, and Mahesh,30, resident of  adjoining district of state capital, Barabanki, died in blow of cold wave. One, in the district Faizabad; one, in Ambedkarnagar; one,in Raibareilly and one, in Unchahar died in cold trap.
An official has claimed that the needful arrangements to save from the cold have been done, but the death toll rise exposes all the claim risk.
Such problem in Lucknow seldom or never happened during winter season earlier when the mayor was Dr. Dinesh Sharma. That the fire woods have been distributed late this chance, said Hari Prasad.
When Sanyukta Bhatia, mayor Lucknow, got a complaint of not being lit of wood fire on public places, she has asked a report from Municipal Commissioner about the fire wood distribution.
She has assured that the firewood arrangement at public places shall be earliest managed.

Sulatnpur has been recorded the coldest district in the state. Its temperature downed to 2.8 degree Celsius in the last 24 hours. Lucknow recorded 3 degree temperature. According to the forecast, there is no hope of getting the relief from cold for next a few days. The conditions will improve after 10 January.

Saturday, January 06, 2018

North India is in grip of cold wave; four people died

By on Saturday, January 06, 2018
North India is in grip of cold wave. 4 people died in the blow of winter within 24 hours in Uttar Pradesh. Three of these have been reported died in Muzzafarnagar where the temperature slumped to 3.4 degree Celsius on Thursday. According to the weather fore cast, the cold is to increase swiftly in the coming days. The schools and colleges have been ordered to be remained closed till Monday in Lucknow, Agra,Kanpur and Varanasi and Allahabad.

Man is warming by bonfires at midnight in Lucknow state capital of Uttar Pradesh: Photo by Khitiz Kant
Yogi Adityanath, CM UP, is constantly visiting the temporary night halt places organized by the government to accommodate those people who cannot afford the cold-safety-stuff. he has directed to the administrative officers to distribute the blankets to the poor and homeless people. Yogi has also directed to light the bonfires on every roundabout where the people can laze there.
The transports in the state have been affected under cover of mist of cold wave. The trains are running late and many of these have been cancelled.
Meanwhile, the weather forecast report reveals that there is a possibility of snowfall in J&K on Friday; the temperature during night at Kargil was 20 degree below 0 degree Celsius on Monday. Leh area was 16.6 degree below the lowest temperature has been recorded in the day time.

The coldest day this winter has been recorded at Delhi on Thursday. The 5 degree Celsius in temperature has been recorded here. At least 18 trains have been cancelled on Thursday and Friday in the wake of dense mist. Many flights have also been reported cancelled.

Wednesday, January 03, 2018

Stage play 'Muamma Khatoon' organised in Lucknow

By on Wednesday, January 03, 2018

'Muamma Khatoon’ an Urdu word which explains the meaning ‘misunderstanding’. Actually here staged drama ‘Muamma Khatoon’ played at Rai Umanath Bali Auditorium Lucknow adjoining of Bhat Khande, Deemed Music University on Tuesday evening this week.
Saukat Thanvi who is the script writer of this drama which has been, after a lot efforts by the character, played at stage.
Main theme of this drama is based on underrating of female in house by her husband?
The Drama shows how the woman of a house is gauged mere a domestic helper and she faces many taunts for her inability in qualification.
The husband of this woman is a story writer and his writes-up are published in Rishale magazine by his wife’s name, Mrs Asif.
Mr Asif 's poke gives her feelings a pinch when he praises the merits of others wives; while his wife smiles over this assessment view.
Mr Asif is not familiar of his wife’s talent that his wife(Suraiyya) is also a good writer and could get her write-up published in Rishale magazine.
Director Mohd. Fuzail who had got this play organized on stage put a stunning point that the play character were not  from Urdu background while the drama is fully in Urdu language and in colloquial Urdu.

This drama was a production of Azaad theater, Lucknow; and the characters who staged this play; namely, Mr Asif (Aman Sharma), Surraiya Begam(Vinita Singh), Editor Ehsan(Abhay Shukla), Ustani/Bano(Tanya Suri), Mahmood Saheb(Raj Singh Katari), Shamim Saheb(Shubham Bajpai), retinue (Danish Ansari, Sachin Maurya, Aman Sakdhar), postman Sanjeev Kumar.
The stage acting of this drama; character gestures and expressions -- all attract the attention of audience and lure them to clap after every scenes. 

Tuesday, January 02, 2018

Swerving truck hit vehicles; many injured

By on Tuesday, January 02, 2018

The driver has been arrested for his reckless driving of a truck when it runs over many vehicles passer-by on road in Jaipur, state capital of Rajasthan. The victims of this driving was: two wheeler and a dozen of cars. 
Even the police also failed to halt this truck on check post and it, breaking the red signals on many points, kept on running. Eventually after a long swerving, the police intercepted this truck to stop following of 10 kilometer distances.
Many people injured in this incident. According to police, on the one hand the public of pink city was to celebrate the upcoming new year-2018 on Sunday night, on the other there was going on a fearful orgy of this truck driver this evening.
According to report, the tiles loaded this truck was running towards Shahpura and its reckless driving occurred 10 kilometer distances between Mansarovar and Haldighati. The truck driver was in the inebriated condition.
The witness says, the driver hit on many vehicles parked at red-light Rajpath area, and its truck knocked into two vehicles at B2 bypass where a motorbike borne man was injured. The man was rushed to hospital.

The driver got the truck speed up when the traffic police tried to stop it at the B2 bypass roundabout. Many vehicles running were hit at the Gaushala roundabout. The truck was running on so high speed, whoever came in front of it was in its trap.