11 illfate deaths are natural: Barabanki Administration

Public says it 'Deaths after Consuming Spurious Liquor ' 
Mohd Ather;Barabanki
After the intervention of government, the district administration is in pressure over the 11 ill fate deaths under Ram Nagar and Deva police stations in Barabanki, 30 kilometer away from state capital of Uttar Pradesh this week.
The hierarchy of district Administration in hurry called a press conference and gave their statement before the media. The trio’s statement were differ which reveals that the matter was to mollify and save the accused. The officers of district administration failed to give satisfactory reply to media in mutual confusion in their statements.
Akhilesh Tiwari, district magistrate, told here that 8 deaths were natural, 3 of them were consuming of denatured spirits and 3 more were under treatment in hospital.
The statement of DM, “One is in my cognizance where he is being treated and remaining other two's whereabouts could not be located.”
The venue of treatment of one was in official record and remaining two were not confirmed to the officer.
The administration says claiming it natural deaths that Kamlesh and Ramphal Gautam both were irrigating in the potatoes fields where they got ill and they died on the spot while another man, Navmi Lal died in cardiac arrest.
The district administration proved anyway its innocence in the matter of all these unfortunate deaths. It is clear that the cold wave in North India has gripped and some spurious liquid was consumed by all these victims which caused the deaths. The district administration is telling an orchestrated story before the media to escape from its responsibility.
Now that the question is here how it is possible that the whole North India and the district are in grip of cold wave; and 11 people die naturally in an identical way under the area of two police stations of 22 in the district is stunning.
The district administration is not assuming it was deaths of consuming the spurious liquor; then how they faced the deaths in such condition?

SP Barabanki says that the death cause is not clear in the postmortem report and their viscera has been protected and the death cause shall be clear after the report receives here. The CMO says that, assuming Madan Lal, Spirits seller, an accused for the death cause, his license is being reviewed.  Whether the license is of liquor or of Spirits is issued by Abkari Adhikari who was not in the PC.

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