70 people die in UP; no relief next 10 days: weather forecast

70 people have died in grip of severe cold in different parts of Uttar Pradesh within last 24 hours so far. The lowest temperature recorded in the state capital early on Saturday morning this week. 
The death toll rises to 70 and most homeless and poor succumbed to this cold wave in the state within last 24 hours. This exposes the lapse in providing relief within time to the needy people. There is shortage in shelter homes for night halt. None are in position to release any official statement.
22 people in the Eastern UP; Bareilly division three; Allahabad division 11 and in Bundelkhand division 28 -- the death toll rises to 70 in grip of severe cold.
 Ram Kishore Rawat, 40, and Mahesh,30, resident of  adjoining district of state capital, Barabanki, died in blow of cold wave. One, in the district Faizabad; one, in Ambedkarnagar; one,in Raibareilly and one, in Unchahar died in cold trap.
An official has claimed that the needful arrangements to save from the cold have been done, but the death toll rise exposes all the claim risk.
Such problem in Lucknow seldom or never happened during winter season earlier when the mayor was Dr. Dinesh Sharma. That the fire woods have been distributed late this chance, said Hari Prasad.
When Sanyukta Bhatia, mayor Lucknow, got a complaint of not being lit of wood fire on public places, she has asked a report from Municipal Commissioner about the fire wood distribution.
She has assured that the firewood arrangement at public places shall be earliest managed.

Sulatnpur has been recorded the coldest district in the state. Its temperature downed to 2.8 degree Celsius in the last 24 hours. Lucknow recorded 3 degree temperature. According to the forecast, there is no hope of getting the relief from cold for next a few days. The conditions will improve after 10 January.

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