DAV PG College Lucknow organised annual programme Abhvyakti 2017

THREE days its traditional annual programe 'Abhivyakti 2017' was organized at DAV PG College Lucknow in its premises this week. The programe is based on the show of skill and development earned among students of inter-postgraduate colleges.
The students of various post graduate colleges were the participants in this programme and won many prizes by their excellent performances at the stage ‘Abhivyakti’. Characteristically the judges’ panel of DAV PG College is reputed for taking their unbiased decision, so the participants in high numbers were seen to be enlisted here enthusiastically.
Mr KK Pandey greeting Vice Chancellor University of Lucknow Prof SP Singh during Abhivyakti-2017 

The cultural programme was inaugurated by Prof. SP Singh, vice chancellor university of Lucknow. The cultural programme was inaugurated by Prof. SP Singh, vice chancellor university of Lucknow. He said in his inaugural speech, “development of any degree college depends upon three factors: 'academically active managing committee, the dedicated principal and teachers, and the motivated students'.”
He added, “The development by the infrastructure of any institution is not mere result of a day. Its conceptual paradigm activates first to the mind of leadership and then it projected as a plan. The development grows in the character base atmosphere, not by infrastructure; only teachers are the producer of this creation; the teachers are the producers of culture and the generation where their duties are superior to the output of any industry. So the postgraduate colleges are a family and a part of our university. The development of postgraduate colleges is the development of university in true meaning.”

     On this occasion Mr Nilkanth Tiwari, State Minister Uttar Pradesh, was present as a chief guest of this function and addressed to the students and the guests. He said, "The annual function of PG College is the mirror of the activities of that PG College. India is the country of youths and these have to make new India. in any model of government there must have a scheme for all groups, which is being ensured by our PM Narendra Modi."

Eventually Mr KK Pandey pays gratitude to all the teachers, guests, students, managing committee and participants.

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