J&K republic day celebration; national flag hoisted despite threatening

Sher-e-Kasmir stadium where the courage of schools students were seen when the whole country was celebrating its 69th republic day festival on Friday this week, Mr Abu Rahman Viri, minister of state, hoisted the national flag including school children here.
Actually, the terrorist organization had announced a threatening in the valley to the people not to participate in the republic day programme. Despite it these school children were the participants on this occasion. The children took part in many cultural programme.

It is noticeable that the republic day has been celebrated countrywide under high security. J&K always remains on the terrorist target; and in the wake of it, here had been beefed up high alert security. There was tight security in the J&K on this occasion. There have been deployed the security forces on every corner in the sensitive places. The suspected activities are in the vigil.

On this occasion, a spectacular parade was taken over Rajpath in Delhi at national capital. India showed its power to the world through the parade. The parade began with the ASEAN squads. The tanks, weapons, army and many others glimpse were behind this parade. The heads of ASEAN countries were the chief guests in this republic day. PM MODI welcomed these heads of the countries.

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