Journalists cadre is in bitterness on FIR against newspaper and its journalist

Chandigarh Press Club has dubbed the FIR a stubborn and attack on 4th pillar of democracy, which has been registered against the journalist who is working to  English daily 'The Tribune' published from Chandigarh.
Jaswant Rana, the chief of Chandigarh Press Club, has told to media that the journalist in Chandigarh will protest against the government decision on Monday, proceed in a human chain towards the governor house and entrust to Governor a memorandum.
Jaswant Singh has said that the government, instead of taking action against the accused, is targeting the journalists. The governing council of Press Club has condemned the decision of government.
Amarjeet Thind, the bureau chief, has said the government action is just like a ‘shooting of messenger’ and the whole journalist family is stand with and condemning it. He has added that the tribune group is with the news published on 3rd January.
It is noticeable that the tribune, English daily, had published a news in its issue of 3rd January, claiming that the AADHAR data on WhatsApp is being sold for a few rupees by some unidentified person, which proves that the AADHAR data is unprotected right now.
The local UDAI office situated at Chandigarh taking cognizance of this news has complaint to the Punjab police. HS Maan, director cyber cell, has confirmed the complaint and said that the matter is being investigated.
However the Delhi police have registered the complaint against the accused journalists under section (IPC) 419,420,468,471, IT act, 66, and AADHAR act, 36 and 37 on the base of complaint given to police by the AADHAR headquarter situated at Delhi.
The UDAI has issued a clarification on its FIR against the journalist over the AADHAR data leak news.  On matter of AADHAR information leak easily, an FIR has been registered against 'The Tribune' and its reporter, Rachna Kheda.
Unique Identification Authority of India has said that the situation is being so created as that the action step has been taken against the whistle-blower. UDAI has said that it is incorrect that they have adopted the policy of ‘Shooting the Messenger’.
Even if the leak in this case may have not been taken place, the UDAI takes to every offence very seriously. The criminal proceeding in this matter has been begun under the unofficial attempt to leak the information.
UDAI added that it has a confidence in freedom of media. The reporter guild of India had condemned the FIR on reporter in this matter.
UDAI says that an FIR is inevitable to get registered for a crime. You do have to provide all the information and the names involved in this case have to tell here.
It is meaningless that someone is in FIR is understood to be a criminal. The criminal charges in this case are to be framed after the investigation and then trial.
 ‘It was bogus’ had said UDAI when the report published in ‘The Tribune’.UDAI has asked the questions from ‘The Tribune’.

“Whether your reporter had cross checked pupil of the eye and finger prints of any body or achieved it? How many AADHAR numbers the journalist had taken and whose AADHAR numbers that were?”, UDAI asked.

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