Karnisena is in action; sabotage and violence reported before release of Padmavat

A Bollywood movie, Padmavat, is in a big controversy. The countrywide protest against this movie after the permission of government to release it is continued.
A Karnisena targeted school bus in its sabotage action. The school children anyhow saved themselves hiding under the bus seat when the protesters began to stone pelting over the bus.
Rahul Gandhi, Cong president, in his tweet says: in no condition, the violence over the children shall be dubbed correct. It’s a weapon of weak person. BJP is using the violence and hatred to ignite the country.
The Union Minister, Suresh Prabhu, said sternly from Davos, Switzerland, “ Modi government shall not tolerate the attack of Karnisena on women and children.” The incident took place in Gurugram, Haryana on Wednesday this week.
A government bus has also been set on blaze.

The SC reprimanded on hearing the issue of law and order situation and has said on Tuesday that it is the responsibility of state government to maintain the law and order. The burden of law and order must bear the state government by its responsibility. Court added that the state government could not appreciate the few groups which support the violence. Some groups are threatening constantly of violence by appeal to stop the release of this movie. Censor board has done its duty. Court said that we are not historian and this movie does not say any such claim that it is based on history.

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