North India is in grip of cold wave; four people died

North India is in grip of cold wave. 4 people died in the blow of winter within 24 hours in Uttar Pradesh. Three of these have been reported died in Muzzafarnagar where the temperature slumped to 3.4 degree Celsius on Thursday. According to the weather fore cast, the cold is to increase swiftly in the coming days. The schools and colleges have been ordered to be remained closed till Monday in Lucknow, Agra,Kanpur and Varanasi and Allahabad.

Man is warming by bonfires at midnight in Lucknow state capital of Uttar Pradesh: Photo by Khitiz Kant
Yogi Adityanath, CM UP, is constantly visiting the temporary night halt places organized by the government to accommodate those people who cannot afford the cold-safety-stuff. he has directed to the administrative officers to distribute the blankets to the poor and homeless people. Yogi has also directed to light the bonfires on every roundabout where the people can laze there.
The transports in the state have been affected under cover of mist of cold wave. The trains are running late and many of these have been cancelled.
Meanwhile, the weather forecast report reveals that there is a possibility of snowfall in J&K on Friday; the temperature during night at Kargil was 20 degree below 0 degree Celsius on Monday. Leh area was 16.6 degree below the lowest temperature has been recorded in the day time.

The coldest day this winter has been recorded at Delhi on Thursday. The 5 degree Celsius in temperature has been recorded here. At least 18 trains have been cancelled on Thursday and Friday in the wake of dense mist. Many flights have also been reported cancelled.

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